• Undetected Apex Legends Hacks and Cheats by Kernaim

  • What is Apex Legends

    Apex Legends is a popular battle-royale-style game set apart from the rest where legends from far and wide team up to battle for fame, fortune, and glory! With over 50 million players worldwide and is steadily growing to become the number one battle royal game of the decade! Do you have what it takes to climb to the top and become the number one Apex Legend? With Kernaim's Apex Legends cheats, you will surely rise to the top regardless of your current skill set.

    Apex Legends Hacks and Cheats for season 18

    With large player bases, there is often a huge skill difference between the top players, middle of the pack and casual players, and bottom-tier players. Additionally, with Apex hacks being so common and easily accessible, individuals are almost sure to run into an enemy using an Apex hacks without even noticing. Kernaim aims to level the playing field with its new and improved Apex Legends Aimbot. Our product is meant to be enjoyed at all levels, whether you casual play the game or are trying to climb and become an apex predator. 

    What sets Kernaim apart from its competitors?

    Kernaim offers high-quality, robust, and undetected cheats. All of the software is updated and tested frequently to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Unlike most competitors, Kernaim aims to price all of their Apex Legends cheats at a reasonable price. You no longer need to worry about paying an arm, leg, or maybe even your firstborn child for access to a reliable Apex hacks. Most importantly, Kernaim has never been detected and only seeks to enhance your gaming experience without compromising gameplay quality.

    How does Kernaim's Apex Hacks work?

    Our Apex Legends hacks are easily accessible through their user-friendly website. All one has to do is create an account with Kernaim and head to the shop tab. From there, users can purchase access to our infamous Apex Legends cheats ! All consumers can choose either seven days, one month, or 3 months package. Kernaim's instant delivery system can guarantee immediate downloads and a quick and easy setup process of the Apex Legends hacks. Furthermore, Kernaim offers 24/7 customer support just in case you have any additional questions about your purchase or simply need help setting up your new hacks!

    Apex Hacks 

    Features Included with our Apex legends hacks

    ESP/ Wallhacks

    • The Apex Legends hacks allows players to access the ESP hack or more commonly known as "Wallhacks". It gives you the opportunity to locate and kill your enemy before they even know you are coming. It also gives players additional information such as the amount of health remaining, how many shields they have, and the distance to the target. Our wallhacks will help you prevent any sneak attacks and boost your performance and your teams perfomance.
    • Furthermore, our Apex Legends cheats allow you to filter and locate items by rarity. Need a gold mag? Purple stock or maybe even a blue shield off of drop. No problem, our product will allow you to find it by making it glow on your screen, so you know exactly where it is. Ensuring that you have the best possible opportunity to win by using our apex hacks.

    Apex Legends Aimbot

    • Kernaim's apex aimbot is the most powerful tool any gamer will need to secure victory in this famous battle royale. With Kernaim's aimbot, you can deal damage faster than ever with any weapon, whether a charge rifle, wingman, or any other gun your heart desires. Furthermore, with the help of the apex aimbot, you can stay on target and ensure you win your fights, bettering your odds of winning that sought-after victory or personal kill goal.
    • Our aimbot can be designed to prioritize different areas on an enemy's body. For example, you'll often want to prioritize aiming at an opponent's head to do that extra damage for a faster kill. With some weapons like a shotgun or an assault rifle, it can be better to prioritize aiming at the chest or center of the body to ensure that as much of your shot connects as possible.
    • Furthermore, Kernaim's Apex legends aimbot offers the feature of a dead zone. With this aimbot feature, you can make your aim look more legitimate and make it harder for other players to recognize that you are hacking. we offers players the chance to adjust their aim settings, such as lowering their lock-on radius to reduce the possibility of being spotted.


    Is Kernaim's Apex Legends cheats streamable?

    Yes! our Apex Legends Hacks are completely streamproof. A player can stream to their favorite platforms, whether it be Twitch, Youtube, or even Facebook gaming, completely undetected. All streams look as if the player just has incredible tracking and aim skills with no signs of using an hacks

    How does Kernaim remain Undetected?

    Kernaim will guarantee that all cheats whether it be the Apex Legends cheats or our warzone hacks, is entirely undetectable and safe to use. Kernaim's staff has a multitude of different experiences, all working together to provide its customers with secure and undetectable hacks.

    For Apex hacks in specific, the staff goes under numerous trials before and after every update to ensure stability and undetectability. This is to ensure that our product stay relevant and do not get patched out with an updated version of the game. Furthermore, our team uses multiple layers of protection, which completely hides and protects the user from anticheats.

    Finally, don't just take our word for it! Try it yourself and let us know any feedback that you may have, no matter how small. As your feedback is vital for making Kernaim the best provider on the market! Click the link below to get started!