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  • What is Apex Legends

    Apex Legends is a popular battle-royale-style game set apart from the rest where legends from far and wide team up to battle for fame, fortune, and glory! With over 50 million players worldwide and is steadily growing to become the number one battle royal game of the decade! Do you have what it takes to climb to the top and become the number one Apex Legend? With Kernaim's Apex Legends cheats, you will surely rise to the top regardless of your current skill set.

    Apex Legends Hacks and Cheats for season 14

    With large player bases, there is often a huge skill difference between the top players, middle of the pack and casual players, and bottom-tier players. Additionally, with Apex hacks being so common and easily accessible, individuals are almost sure to run into an enemy using an Apex hacks without even noticing. Kernaim aims to level the playing field with its new and improved Apex Legends Aimbot. Our product is meant to be enjoyed at all levels, whether you casual play the game or are trying to climb and become an apex predator. 

    What sets Kernaim apart from its competitors?

    Kernaim offers high-quality, robust, and undetected cheats. All of the software is updated and tested frequently to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Unlike most competitors, Kernaim aims to price all of their Apex Legends cheats at a reasonable price. You no longer need to worry about paying an arm, leg, or maybe even your firstborn child for access to a reliable Apex hacks. Most importantly, Kernaim has never been detected and only seeks to enhance your gaming experience without compromising gameplay quality.

    How does Kernaim's Apex Hacks work?

    Our Apex Legends hacks are easily accessible through their user-friendly website. All one has to do is create an account with Kernaim and head to the shop tab. From there, users can purchase access to our infamous Apex Legends cheats ! All consumers can choose either seven days, one month, or 3 months package. Kernaim's instant delivery system can guarantee immediate downloads and a quick and easy setup process of the Apex Legends hacks. Furthermore, Kernaim offers 24/7 customer support just in case you have any additional questions about your purchase or simply need help setting up your new hacks!

    Apex Hacks 

    Features Included with our Apex legends hacks

    ESP/ Wallhacks

    • The Apex Legends hacks allows players to access the ESP hack or more commonly known as "Wallhacks". It gives you the opportunity to locate and kill your enemy before they even know you are coming. It also gives players additional information such as the amount of health remaining, how many shields they have, and the distance to the target. Our wallhacks will help you prevent any sneak attacks and boost your performance and your teams perfomance.
    • Furthermore, our Apex Legends cheats allow you to filter and locate items by rarity. Need a gold mag? Purple stock or maybe even a blue shield off of drop. No problem, our product will allow you to find it by making it glow on your screen, so you know exactly where it is. Ensuring that you have the best possible opportunity to win by using our apex hacks.

    Apex Legends Aimbot

    • Kernaim's apex aimbot is the most powerful tool any gamer will need to secure victory in this famous battle royale. With Kernaim's aimbot, you can deal damage faster than ever with any weapon, whether a charge rifle, wingman, or any other gun your heart desires. Furthermore, with the help of the apex aimbot, you can stay on target and ensure you win your fights, bettering your odds of winning that sought-after victory or personal kill goal.
    • Our aimbot can be designed to prioritize different areas on an enemy's body. For example, you'll often want to prioritize aiming at an opponent's head to do that extra damage for a faster kill. With some weapons like a shotgun or an assault rifle, it can be better to prioritize aiming at the chest or center of the body to ensure that as much of your shot connects as possible.
    • Furthermore, Kernaim's Apex legends aimbot offers the feature of a dead zone. With this aimbot feature, you can make your aim look more legitimate and make it harder for other players to recognize that you are hacking. we offers players the chance to adjust their aim settings, such as lowering their lock-on radius to reduce the possibility of being spotted.


    Is Kernaim's Apex Legends cheats streamable?

    Yes! our Apex Legends Hacks are completely streamproof. A player can stream to their favorite platforms, whether it be Twitch, Youtube, or even Facebook gaming, completely undetected. All streams look as if the player just has incredible tracking and aim skills with no signs of using an hacks

    How does Kernaim remain Undetected?

    Kernaim will guarantee that all cheats whether it be the Apex Legends cheats or our warzone hacks, is entirely undetectable and safe to use. Kernaim's staff has a multitude of different experiences, all working together to provide its customers with secure and undetectable hacks.

    For Apex hacks in specific, the staff goes under numerous trials before and after every update to ensure stability and undetectability. This is to ensure that our product stay relevant and do not get patched out with an updated version of the game. Furthermore, our team uses multiple layers of protection, which completely hides and protects the user from anticheats.

    Finally, don't just take our word for it! Try it yourself and let us know any feedback that you may have, no matter how small. As your feedback is vital for making Kernaim the best provider on the market! Click the link below to get started!

  • Last Reviews

    • Hey Guys,  Subscription: 1 Week ESP: I must say I find the Whallhack just insane ! It has all the options you need and it works great. Aimbot: The best Aimbot I've had in a long time! Great for legit players. You can adjust the Aimbot to the smallest detail. Recommendation: I would recommend to test the weekly subscription and if you like it to 3 months or 1 month to increase. Greetings Toxic  ———————————————————————— Abo: 1 Woche ESP: Ich muss sagen ich finde den Whallhack einfach nur insane ! Er hat alle Optionen die man braucht und es funktioniert super.  Aimbot: Der Beste Aimbot den ich seit langen hatte ! Super für Legit Spieler. Mann kann den Aimbot bis ins kleinste Detail einstellen.  Empfehlung: Ich würde zum Testen das Wochen Abo empfehlen und wenn es einen gefällt auf 3 Monate oder 1 Monat aufzustocken.  Grüße  Toxic 
    • Best Cheat hands down. I never got banned for total destruction of the map. EFT will never be the same again in China heheheh
    • // In my opinion, if these specific issues were addressed and improved, this would be THE best cheat/provider available.  // I would really appreciate it if a staff member, developer, or administrator could take the time to read this thorough and detailed review of this amazing product that has insane potential. 1.) The recoil settings for Rage and Legit seem to be experiencing some form of issue. It's unclear on what is causing the problem, and or how to directly replicate it. But it seems to appear that if you switch from Rage -> Legit, the game will remain stuck in the "Rage" state. Recoil will not exist and there's no way to go into "Legit" and choose what recoil you want. This also persists in no setting chosen at all (the settings where you WILL have normal recoil). The issue seems to have no genuine fixed (or at least that I know of). 2.) The loot filter appears to be un-scrollable. It does not support the use of special characters such as hyphens, commas, and periods when searching for items. For example, if I wanted to search for an AI-2 Medkit, I would have to search for "Medkit" instead of the full name/special character. The special character makes it impossible to distinguish an item when you need to look up something specific. It seems that there is no way to search for the items, something as simple as allowing special character or adding a scrollable page will fix this QOL issue. 3.) I believe that the skeleton feature, which is used to show the direction a placer is facing, should be adjustable in size. It would be helpful to have a size slider that allows users to make the skeleton thinner or thicker according to their preference. Personally, I prefer to use the skeleton instead of box, but sometimes the skeleton is SO thick that it becomes difficult to see the players through the overlay. I don't want a case of me shooting at something that they're behind of because their skeleton is too big to recognize anything within the overlay. Having an option to scale the size of the skeleton would be useful for "legit" closet users in these situations. 4.) In my opinion, it is important to have the ability to set custom keys for all miscellaneous options. I don't really agree w/ preset/fixed keybinds. I don't know if it's possible w/ the way the dev (who is AMAZING) made the cheat. But allowing a small box that you click and click a preferable keybind would fix all of these issues. It would be even more convenient if this could be done without having to open the menu to choose misc settings. This would allow users to quickly and easily access specific options they need without navigating menus. In my opinion, the less time a user spends in a menu; the better. This means the user is engaging more w/ the game WHILE using the cheat than using the menu so they CAN play the game the way they want. 5.) It would be very helpful if hovering over a feature provided a brief explanation of what it does. For example, the "Max Magazine" option is quite broad and it may not be immediately clear what it does. If there were a brief explanation available when hovering over the feature, it would be a useful quality of life improvement. I am not sure if this is possible with the way this product was produced, but I have only seen a few providers do it and I am not sure if they still offer this feature. I don't think it NEEDS this, but this will make a customer come back because it's something you don't think, of but it makes the rough edges smoother. 6.) Overall, I think the Aimbot in itself is excellent and rates a 5/5. The only issue I have with it is that it does not seem to include bullet drop compensation. I am not sure if there will be an update to include this feature in the future/wipe. But it WOULD make a game changer difference if it were included. So like I said, the Aimbot feature alone is a 5/5 but the other features that aimbot CAN come w/ would compliment it. I've had moments where an enemy is running horizontally and it's impossible to hit them unless I manually lead. The issue of this is the fact that it relays back to the skeleton feature where they're so thick I can't tell where their physical body is. 7.) I would like to see the ability to separate the distance at which different categories of loot are displayed on the ESP. For example, it would be helpful to have a slider to the right of the Color option. This allows users to specify the distance they want to see for each loot category and would clean up the clutter of a UNIVERSAL distance slider. It allows for organization and makes a better experience by allowing players to see more and see what they want. For example, I personally have had issue that I want to see items worth 15-70k up close around 15-30m. But I want to see 71k-3m 2000m. This allows me to see very little up close, but see the most important things I want to see far far away. 7.5) In addition to the suggestion made in point 7, It would be helpful to have at least two or three options for AI. Categorical wise I would like to see PMC -> BOSS/GUARDS -> Scavs. Specifically, I think it would be useful to separate each settings for each "Entity ESP." This would allow users to customize their ESP on top of their loot settings for each type of enemy. Rather than a universal setting for both AI/PMC/BOSS, allow customization to see what they want to see. I don't care for scavs that are 1000m away or PMC players at 600m away. But I do care for Killa to be shown at 2000m so I can see Killa > PMC/Scavs. I feel like a way to allow this is to have a dropdown box that you can click such as the Aimbot settings. You click it and it has 3 options, PMC/Boss (this includes guards) & Scavs. When you click one, it'll refresh the settings for that specific category you chose and then you can customize that specific category to your liking. 8.) These are VERY specific, I do know there are "features" such as F4 (apparently) and F12. The only issue I find is that I was told F4 "cleans" a screenshot. Don't know what that means because when I hit F4 nothing happens. When I hit f12, I can't bring it up again cause it's an emergency un-injection keybind. What I would personally like to see is a specific feature in the "Misc" option called "Hide Cheat" or something Similar. How Customers to choose their specific keybind for it... When you press that keybind it makes ALL ESP disappear (including watermarks and that weird player location details on the top left). When you press it again, all ESP will re-appear. It's a way for people to make it "hide" without the issues of it disappearing permanently unless you reinject. There may already be a keybind for that specifically, but I do want to see that in a menu. It gives a sense of "security" if you may by allowing you to hide it via display without removing the cheat itself. //- Fast Mag Load/Unload (don't know if that is what Max Magazine does), I don't personally notice the difference... But it would be amazing to see it. //- Idk if Timescale is a fixed speed or not, but if you COULD make it customizable up to a safe limit then I would like that. I know one provider that allows a max limit that they don't allow to surpass and is safe for them. //- Allow sprint (the ability to sprint with blacked limbs / cms) I only know a few external providers that do this. //- No weapon sway option / "Close Enemy warning/Enemy Warning notification" I've only seen 1-2 providers do this, don't need it but was cool to see it and they've had it since wipe 1 of Tarkov, it warns when an enemy is aiming at you, or is near you. //- True screenshot proof, I have not seen a provider (at least I am not spending more than 150+ to see this feature). In MW2 there are providers that make it where when you use Windows key + Shift + S/Gyazo/etc. the ESP turns off. Why would I want that? Perhaps I want to take a picture and not require myself to turn off all ESP features or tell tales of a cheat. I don't know if that's what F4 does as a "screenshot cleaner" but if it does, I would like an explanation of how it works as F4 does literally nothing for me (as I have noticed).   Aimbot 5/5: Not much can be said. It works, it doesn't glitch out, has no genuine issue for typical/average fights. You will win if you are in a normal fight. The only issue is bullet drop and no compensation. I am not adding that to the score of Aimbot since I find aimbot to be fights that are specific to up close or semi-medium distance. I would like to see bullet-drop compensation for every bullet, even PS12B if possible Esp 3.5/5: (Mainly because of customization) Skeleton ESP 3/5: (would easily be 5/5 if it has a slider for size, love my skeletons to be very thin). Loot ESP 3.5/5: (I easily think the filter is the best, most providers don't allow a search bar to find specific items and use a "stash" ESP to find that specific one.) But I don't think the limited options are it. Misc 5/5: I am not one that's insanely huge for features. I prefer Security > Features by a MILE. But if a feature CAN be added safely (and as safe as if it was not a choice) then I am all for it to be added. Security ?/5: I will put it at 5/5 if it survives long. I do think it feels very safe and the injection process is more unique than any provider. Most providers just tell you to install and inject via a folder on your desktop/File Explorer. You inject Via USB and then the product itself only works when you're in a real online game (not offline). Though I do wish sometimes you can have some features work in offline such as ESP and recoil. That way I can test out the legit recoil in my Shooting Range or in an offline match. I don't need it to work in offline mode if it's THE SAFEST when it's launched in an online game. Support 10/5: Yes, I do mean 10/5, not 5/5... The support is nothing like any other provider. I've tried providers that require ID check and put on a facade of a "professional" provider. They act immature and don't give direct support. Their only form of support is ALWAYS "Send a ticket." Kernaim is nothing like that, you can talk directly to the Dev and the Dev thoroughly seems like they're have fun with their product they're making. They're helpful, they try their best to resolve any and all issues and most importantly they're really fast and efficient. I don't think EFT should be a reseller product, I think it should be more private than it really is. Those who already bought it should be part of the private group, but the other should require either an ID check or for them to make an account and be part of the community for X days. In my opinion, security does come w/ the size of the project. I see the safest providers to have the least amount of people. I don't think it should be so private that the product in itself is 150+ dollars. I think providers should make their product less than 100 unless it HAS to be done for more..... I think the price of €79.99 is EASILY a steal and is in my opinion a fair price. If it were higher I would question the point of the product. I don't agree w/ providers saying Expensive = Safer. I have found providers for 50 bucks that provide better security than those that are nearly 200.... But I do think that if Kernaim were to be more private, the price should NOT increase. If you have a healthy community, even if it's just 50 people, then there's no reason you can't afford to keep up w/ the Tarkov product daily, and safely. //==\\ Once again this is MY opinion. I've used a LOT of providers personally and the descriptions and explanations I have put are things I have personally noticed that make or break a product. I don't think some of these will destroy the product if it's not added. But I do think that if it were to be added that it will be known as a refined product. //==\\   I would love to see this product to last as long as the top providers that have lasted for over a year. I don't see a reason for a product that focuses on "Closet cheating and security" to be even detected within 6 months. If it does I genuinely don't think that it's a worthy product to be touched. I can understand a one time mistake, but I do think that a one time mistake for something such as this niche market is HUGE to a user. I don't think Kernaim will have that issue, at least I don't hope for it. I want this to be the only product I use and don't want to move from. I do hope there's applications to apply for "staff" for Telegram specifically. This is the only provider I've seen that makes it seem fun to be a staff member that helps in Telegram, compared to other providers. Overall score is a 5/5: I stand by this and I will die on it. The only way I find this to be any lower is if it gets detected early in the wipe. I would want the dev to poor their heart out to keep up w/ this product and project. I've only seen half-ass products to be detected because the devs give a product of "that's good enough" instead of always testing their product/features and REALLY listening to input.
    • Hey, thanks for your review :D  Feel free to post your review on our Elitepvpers topic to get free time on your license : Link to our topic
    • I can easily vouch for them !  Clean UI, only legit function. Everything make sense : AIMBOT (Offset to increase or decrese the assistance) / ESP and thats all. Configuration is easy ! Less is more !  Price is cool, will buy more time for my license for sure !  What are you waiting for ?  Just go for it ! 😃