Job Description

Kernaim is hiring multiple experienced and highly skilled cheat developers to join our team. In this role, you will use your technical expertise and creativity to develop new cheats for popular games, as well as to maintain and update existing cheats. You will work collaboratively with our team to ensure that our cheats are up-to-date, effective, and undetected. If you are passionate about gaming and have a strong background in cheat development, we want to hear from you!

What You'll Do ?

    tickWindows kernel and user level software development.
    tickStatic and dynamic reverse engineering of games to develops and maintains cheats up to date.
    tickDeep technical analysis of anti-cheats systems to understand their mechanisms.
    tickDeobfuscation and analysis of obfuscation technics.
    tickDeep dive into Windows internals and undocumented APIs.
    tickSolve complex problems and develop innovative solutions.
    tickCollaborate with other members of the engineering team to build sustainable and maintainable technologies.

What You'll Need ?

    tickA passion to make cheats and a strong desire to learn new things.
    tickStrong knowledge C/C++ professional software development and reading/writing assembly (x86/64).
    tickDeep knowledge of Windows OS internals and kernel-level driver development.
    tickHigh experience in reverse engineering and debugging of games and modern anti-cheats.
    tickPrevious experience with Intel VT-x & AMD SVM virtualization technologies. (optional)
    tickStrong data structures, logic, algorithms, and optimization skills.
    tickExcellent verbal and written communications skills.

What We Offer ?

    tickWork from home and get paid higher than average market pay.
    tickA unique opportunity to join a team of enthusiasts who are leading the market.
    tickOpportunities for professional growth and development within the company.
    tickImprove your skills, learn new things and work with passionate people.
    tickJoining an extremely well known project with an active community.