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Get ready to dominate Apex Legends with the most humanized aimbot on the market. Our Apex hacks has many features and is extremely customizable, our cheat will push you to your best level and to the rank you deserve. Kernaim is focused on security, like all our other products, our Apex Legends hacks work with unique builds at each new injection to avoid anticheat detections.


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Supported OS

Windows 10 & 11

Supported Anti-Cheat

Easy Anti-Cheat

Supported CPU

Intel & AMD

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Will help you to aim your enemies more easily

Customizable hotkey icon

Customizable hotkey

Bone selection icon

Bone selection

Nearest bone icon

Nearest bone

Focus team icon

Focus team

Draw FOV icon

Draw FOV

Customizable FOV icon

Customizable FOV

Dynamic FOV icon

Dynamic FOV

Customizable smoothing icon

Customizable smoothing

Humanized trajectories icon

Humanized trajectories

Advanced prediction icon

Advanced prediction

Check visibility icon

Check visibility

Maximum distance icon

Maximum distance

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Will help you see your enemies more easily, especially behind walls

Players ESP icon

Players ESP

Show team icon

Show team

Check visibility icon

Check visibility

Player box icon

Player box

Snapline icon


Distance icon


Bones skeleton icon

Bones skeleton

Health ESP icon

Health ESP

Shield ESP icon

Shield ESP

team checks icon

team checks

Maximum distance icon

Maximum distance

Glow players icon

Glow players

Glow intensity icon

Glow intensity

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To customize your cheats, with your personal preferences

2D radar icon

2D radar

Glow items icon

Glow items

Player skin changer icon

Player skin changer

Weapon skin changer icon

Weapon skin changer

Spectator count/list icon

Spectator count/list

Disable aimbot when observed icon

Disable aimbot when observed

Crosshair icon


Custom size icon

Custom size

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Some other features that will also be very useful

Instant delivery icon

Instant delivery

Auto update icon

Auto update

Fully streamproof icon

Fully streamproof

Screenshots protection icon

Screenshots protection

Disableable watermark icon

Disableable watermark

Custom colors icon

Custom colors





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Why you should use our Apex cheats ?

Using our cheat you can be sure to dominate every unranked/ranked match without worrying a single second about the quality of our apex cheats, especially with the features we provide, which allow everyone, no matter their playstyle, to reach predator rank while staying legit and avoiding reports, with an unmatchable customization, stability, security and the most humanized aimbot with many options which you can adjust to your liking, and make it match your playstyle, we always make sure on every game update, to update our apex hacks as fast as we can and making sure that everything works as intended, same when a anticheat update happens, we always make sure our cheat remains safe to use for our customers. We also have a chat room for customers where you can socialize and make new friends to play with our Apex hacks.

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Apex Legends cheats
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The safest Apex hacks on the market

With the experience from our team of developers, we can guarantee a smooth and safe experience to avoid any forms of ban, starting by the mentioned point above about our fast update rate, taking care of every anticheat update, if there any detection risks, we always disable cheat injection until we took care of any risks and done extensive stress testing with our dedicated tester team with constant accurate feedbacks, to make sure everything is safe to use, as all security aspect are truly important for us with a total transparency toward our customers which is equally important to us. This is why our detection history has always been public and visible on our live status page.

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Dominate with Kernaim's Apex Legends hacks

While our Apex cheats is available since 2021, none of our customer has ever been disappointed, starting from mentioned point, like hack quality, stability and security, with a very experimented developer, we always kept the lowest detection history with a total transparency if we get detected, the status will be updated accordingly on our status page, so any interested customers can find the needed information directly on our website, we always care of what our community think and say, so we can always improve our apex hacks quality, to keep it unique, including our support team which is there 24/7 to help you if you're facing any issues, reply to any inquiries you do have regarding our apex cheats, including guides which can help anyone to get the best cheating experience they ever got, if our cheat get any downtime, time always get added back on your subscription without additional fees.

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