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Get ready to dominate in Counter-Strike 2 with the most humanized and customizable aimbot on the market. Kernaim's CS2 cheats are focused on security for closet cheating and doesn't have any risky features. The cheats are streamproof and will never show on your records. Our CS2 hacks work with unique builds at each new injection to elude anticheat detections even during tournaments.


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Supported OS

Windows 10 & 11

Supported Anti-Cheat


Supported CPU

Intel & AMD

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Will help you to aim your enemies more easily

Customizable hotkey icon

Customizable hotkey

Config per weapon icon

Config per weapon

Bone selection icon

Bone selection

Nearest bone icon

Nearest bone

Focus team icon

Focus team

Customizable FOV icon

Customizable FOV

Customizable smoothing icon

Customizable smoothing

Humanized trajectories icon

Humanized trajectories

Smoothing threshold icon

Smoothing threshold

Aim prediction icon

Aim prediction

Triggerbot icon


Customizable delay icon

Customizable delay

Check visibility icon

Check visibility

Recoil control icon

Recoil control

Maximum distance icon

Maximum distance

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Will help you see your enemies more easily, especially behind walls

Player ESP icon

Player ESP

Show team icon

Show team

Bones skeleton icon

Bones skeleton

Customizable boxes icon

Customizable boxes

Snapline icon


Distance icon


Health icon


Armor icon


Name icon


Ammo icon


Weapon icon


Aim projectiles icon

Aim projectiles

Items held icon

Items held

Bomb carry icon

Bomb carry

Defusing icon


Check visibility icon

Check visibility

Visible only icon

Visible only

Maximum distance icon

Maximum distance

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To customize your cheats, with your personal preferences

2D radar icon

2D radar

Customizable size icon

Customizable size

Recoil crosshair icon

Recoil crosshair

Spectators ESP icon

Spectators ESP

Grenade ESP icon

Grenade ESP

Ground weapon ESP icon

Ground weapon ESP

Step noise ESP icon

Step noise ESP

Planted bomb ESP icon

Planted bomb ESP

Bomb timer/defuse ESP icon

Bomb timer/defuse ESP

Sounds ESP icon

Sounds ESP

Customizable frequency icon

Customizable frequency

Customizable sensor icon

Customizable sensor

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Some other features that will also be very useful

Instant delivery icon

Instant delivery

Auto update icon

Auto update

Fully streamproof icon

Fully streamproof

Screenshots protection icon

Screenshots protection

Disableable watermark icon

Disableable watermark

Customizable colors icon

Customizable colors

Config save/load (shareable) icon

Config save/load (shareable)





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Why should you use our CS2 cheats ?

Security does matter to us, our developers always ensure that security meet our standard, we don't have any features which can put our cheat security at risk, everything during development is studied thoroughly to ensure the best security and safety during your cheating session with a perfect stability, while focusing on every security aspect. Our CS2 cheat is focused on closet cheating, which is perfect for anyone which want to play safe on accounts they care about which is a must to get the best cheating experience, without forgetting a huge ability of customization, reliable features which can get adjusted to anyone playstyle and make our CS2 cheats fit your liking. Our CS2 aimbot is the most humanized aimbot on the market, with a perfect smoothness, which can be adjusted like you want. Dive into a game-changing experience with Kernaim's top-of-the-line CS2 cheats, and witness excellence like never before. Whether you're a seasoned player or just stepping into the arena, our hacks will ensure you're always at the top of your game.

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CS2 cheats
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The safest CS2 hacks on the market

Our main focus is providing the best security and quality you can ever get while using our CS2 hacks, none of mentioned points are neglected, we always do extensive testing to ensure, that our CS2 cheats meet our standard including a bug free experience and the strongest security possible to make sure you can grind competitive modes without worrying of any forms of bans. While we're fully opened about suggestions, to improve our product to fit any customers liking, as long as the feature doesn't put our CS2 hacks at risk and done in the safest possible way. Regarding cheat update aspect, our developer always ensure to update our cheat as soon as possible, time always get compensated so you don't lose any time on your subscription during a cheat update. We rise above the rest by providing elite CS2 hacks that have set the gold standard in the gaming community. Gamers across the globe trust our CS2 aimbot for its unparalleled precision and human-like smoothness, making it undetectable.

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What make us different ?

While Kernaim has been created 2 years ago, every mentioned aspect, security, quality, listening to our community, none of our customers ever was disappointed of the cheats we provided. We've been successful at handling games using strong anticheats like Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye for years now. We're fully transparent with our userbase even regarding our detection history which is publicly available, so anyone which take a look at our website. Our CS2 cheat is also absolutely streamproof, allowing you to stream or record clips like a regular player without anyone realizing you're using our cheat. Our support team is also here to help if you encounter any problems while using our CS2 cheats, your license will be compensated and a refund will automatically be issued if we are unable to resolve the problem.

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