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Get access to the best DayZ hacks, complete with aimbot, customizable ESP, and magic bullets. Our hacks will be your allies during raids and intense PVP moments. Kernaim prioritizes security. Like all our products, we use unique builds with each injection, ensuring you stay undetected against DayZ's anticheat systems.


Lifetime licenses are only available during sales

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Supported OS

Windows 10 & 11

Supported Anti-Cheat


Supported CPU

Intel & AMD

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Will help you to aim your enemies more easily

Silent Aim (magic bullet/murder mode) icon

Silent Aim (magic bullet/murder mode)

Customizable hotkeys icon

Customizable hotkeys

Bone selection icon

Bone selection

Nearest bone icon

Nearest bone

Target Modes (Distance, Crosshair) icon

Target Modes (Distance, Crosshair)

Draw FOV icon

Draw FOV

Aim line icon

Aim line

Customizable FOV icon

Customizable FOV

Customizable smoothing icon

Customizable smoothing

Advanced prediction icon

Advanced prediction

Humanized trajectories icon

Humanized trajectories

Focus infected icon

Focus infected

Maximum distance icon

Maximum distance

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Will help you see your enemies more easily, especially behind walls

Players ESP icon

Players ESP

Zombies ESP icon

Zombies ESP

Animals ESP icon

Animals ESP

Cars ESP icon

Cars ESP

Customizable boxes icon

Customizable boxes

Snapline icon


Bones skeleton icon

Bones skeleton

Distance icon


Name icon


Inventory icon


Weapon icon


Corpses icon


Corpses loot icon

Corpses loot

Maximum distance icon

Maximum distance

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To customize your cheats, with your personal preferences

2D radar icon

2D radar

Items ESP (modded servers supported) icon

Items ESP (modded servers supported)

Advanced loot filter icon

Advanced loot filter

Show ammo count icon

Show ammo count

Show item attachments/cargo icon

Show item attachments/cargo

Draw Crosshair icon

Draw Crosshair

Free camera icon

Free camera

Time changer icon

Time changer

Corpse ESP icon

Corpse ESP

Instant hit icon

Instant hit

Force crosshair icon

Force crosshair

Force 3rd person icon

Force 3rd person

No grass icon

No grass

Show coordinates icon

Show coordinates

Helicrash/Convoys icon


Cities/Chernarus icon


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Some other features that will also be very useful

Instant delivery icon

Instant delivery

Auto update icon

Auto update

Fully streamproof icon

Fully streamproof

Screenshots protection icon

Screenshots protection

Disableable watermark icon

Disableable watermark

Custom colors icon

Custom colors





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Stay Ahead of the Game with Our DayZ Cheats !

Elevate your DayZ journey with our elite DayZ cheats, the culmination of expertise and passion. Designed for champions and curated for the discerning gamer, our hacks offer a suite of features that redefine gameplay. From advanced ESP capabilities to flawless aimbot accuracy, experience DayZ with unmatched prowess. Merging passion with professionalism, we've crafted the ultimate tools that ensure you're always leagues ahead of the competition. With our cheats, every moment in DayZ becomes an opportunity, every challenge a stepping stone to mastery.

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Unveiling the Power of Our DayZ Hacks

DayZ is a game of strategy, skill, and sometimes, a bit of luck. But with our DayZ cheats, we tilt the odds in your favor. Our Aimbot feature ensures unparalleled accuracy, while magic bullets keeps you discreet and deadly. Stay informed with Visibility Checks, and let our Object/Loot ESP guide you to essential resources, from heli crashes to hidden stashes. Whether you're an experienced DayZ player or just starting out, our cheats provide the edge you need to conquer the game.

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What Makes Kernaim's DayZ Cheats Stand Out

When we launched our DayZ cheats at Kernaim in August 2022, we knew we were onto something special. The cheating community needed a reliable hack, we've poured our expertise into ensuring our cheats not only work but excel. As with all our other cheats, our main priority has always been security, we have a huge experience with Battleye and we have always done our maximum to give the highest level of security to our users, the market might be limited, but we're here to fill that gap. And we're not static; we're always evolving and creating new features. Every update, every tweak is done with you in mind. Your feedback drives us, and we're always eager to hear how we can make our Dayz cheats even better for you.

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