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Get ready to dominate in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone with the most humanized and customizable aimbot on the market. Kernaim's Warzone cheats are focused on security for closet cheating and doesn't have any risky features. The cheats are streamproof and will never show on your records. Our MW3 hacks work with unique builds at each new injection to elude anticheat detections even during tournaments. Our MW3 cheats is also compatible with MW3 Zombies mode.


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Supported OS

Windows 10 & 11

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Supported CPU

Intel & AMD

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Will help you to aim your enemies more easily

Customizable hotkey icon

Customizable hotkey

Bone selection icon

Bone selection

Nearest bone icon

Nearest bone

Focus team icon

Focus team

Focus downed icon

Focus downed

Draw FOV icon

Draw FOV

Customizable FOV icon

Customizable FOV

Dynamic FOV icon

Dynamic FOV

Customizable smoothing icon

Customizable smoothing

Humanized trajectories icon

Humanized trajectories

Aim prediction icon

Aim prediction

Check visibility icon

Check visibility

No recoil icon

No recoil

Maximum distance icon

Maximum distance

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Will help you see your enemies more easily, especially behind walls

Player ESP icon

Player ESP

Filled ESP Box icon

Filled ESP Box

Show team icon

Show team

Show downed icon

Show downed

Bones skeleton icon

Bones skeleton

Check visibility icon

Check visibility

Player box icon

Player box

Snapline icon


Distance icon


Health icon


Shield icon


Name icon


Visible only icon

Visible only

Maximum distance icon

Maximum distance

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To customize your cheats, with your personal preferences

Zombies ESP icon

Zombies ESP

AI/Bot ESP icon


Vehicle ESP icon

Vehicle ESP

2D radar icon

2D radar

Item ESP icon

Item ESP

Item type filter icon

Item type filter

Crate ESP icon

Crate ESP

Weapon ESP icon

Weapon ESP

Ammo ESP icon

Ammo ESP

Crosshair icon


Custom size icon

Custom size

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Some other features that will also be very useful

Instant delivery icon

Instant delivery

Auto update icon

Auto update

Fully streamproof icon

Fully streamproof

Screenshots protection icon

Screenshots protection

Disableable watermark icon

Disableable watermark

Custom colors icon

Custom colors





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Redefining MW3 with premium cheats and hacks

Transform your Modern Warfare 3 gameplay with Kernaim's premium hacks. Born from the early days of the MW3 beta and crafted for those who want to closet cheat, our hacks are the epitome of discretion and power. With roots tracing back to the MW3 beta days, we've perfected the balance between giving you an edge and ensuring your gameplay remains natural. Experience an aimbot that's not just accurate but ultra-smooth, designed to emulate genuine human movements and blend seamlessly with your skills. Whether you're showcasing your skills online, grinding in ranked matches, or enjoying a casual game, Phoenix amplifies your prowess. Stand out, play smart, and choose Kernaim.

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MW3 Hacks that Guarantee Your Safety and Success

Being a streamer or a tournament champion isn't a prerequisite to benefit from Kernaim. Maybe you just want to keep your main account safe. Or perhaps, you wish to keep your MW3 cheats a secret from your friends. Kernaim's MW3 hacks are designed to help you achieve these objectives. With other providers, there's a constant threat of server bans, even for minimal settings, or worse, permanent bans. Kernaim stands out in this regard. Our MW3 cheats are meticulously crafted to ensure they blend seamlessly with natural gameplay. This means that even if you're using our cheats, your movements, shots, and strategies will appear as if they're coming from a professional COD player. We prioritize subtlety, ensuring that our cheats enhance your skills without drawing undue attention. Furthermore, our team is always checking for updates and changes in the game's anti-cheat system. Kernaim provides the perfect balance of enhancement and discretion, allowing you to play with confidence with the best Modern Warfare 3 hacks on the market.

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What make us different compared to other providers ?

Beginning with the foundational principles we've always emphasized, quality, transparency, and stability. Our commitment to these values remains unwavering. Our track record boasts no past detection for our MW3 cheats, paired with unparalleled transparency concerning any potential issues. For those considering our MW3 hacks, our website serves as a comprehensive resource, offering all the information one might need before making a purchase. We pride ourselves on our active engagement with our community. Whether it's feedback, bug reports, or general insights, we're always all ears. Our dedicated support team, available around the clock, is ever-ready to assist. Whether you're encountering an issue, have a query, or need help with your initial installation, we've got you covered. To further enhance your experience, we provide detailed guides on our cheat features, their functionalities, and tips on how to closet cheat, especially for those new to the MW3 cheating scene. Additionally, once you become a part of our community, you gain exclusive access to our customer-only channels. Here, you can find teammates to join forces with or get help to configure your cheat perfectly.

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