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  2. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and still no ban. This cheat works great, one of the best i have tried and truly undetected. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. Wendigo

    Apex Review

    Best one on the market, love this product, and will 100% resub again
  4. Been using the Cheat for the second Time now, first i bought it for 1 Week and instantly after for 1 month. The cheat is very nice designed and i dont really have problems with it. (Only sometimes it wont inject and i have to restart but thats normal) I really like Kernaim in Gerneral i had the DayZ & CS2 cheat too & all 3 cheats were the best i had yet. So all in all this cheat is a 9/10, will be buy again :)! greetz
  5. I've been using this for almost a month now, absolutely loving it. The only problem which really isn't a problem is it may take a time or two for it to correctly inject. Other than that it works absolutely amazing. I mainly got it for loot ESP. It's insane how much this steps up your game. I'm solo so it's hard to get going but using this sets the playing field a lot more level as I'm able to get my base down and start operating a lot sooner than before.
  6. Grahnp1252


    Fantastic cheat for rust, aim bot works well, been testing it for 4 days now and no ban😁
  7. Mad_123

    Apex Legends

    Best apex cheese ever i have used.
  8. The tool is great for making rotations, no issues and easy setup.
  9. Everything works great have raged and not tried to hide it a couple times and I’ve never been banned been running them for a total of 1.5 months on and off
  10. been using legit hack,no bans yet smooth wh
  11. Got some Setting Probs at the Beginning, but the Support helped me fast and perfect!!! 10 out of 10!!!
  12. Throughout The last 6-7 months of using Kernaim The EFT Cheats have to be the smoothest of all of the ones ive used. Ive never been detected and or even had a lag issue with them at all. Ontop of that the Support if you do have any problems is Quick and easy. Would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to Try them out or switch over from another service! 10/10
  13. ESP for APEX is amazing love the glow and love the different features for the aimbot i would recommend 10/10
  14. One of the best eft cheats i have used in an long time. The aimbot and esp work flawless. The cheat have all the features you need. 10/10
  15. Best cheat I've used. Used it for over 100 hours and had no issues. No ban either. 100% recommend
  16. idk what to say, but this cheat provider is the best provider ever.
  17. Markoe6263

    Dayz Review

    Quick and easy install, even a toddler could do it. Easy to inject, lots of options Personal favourite is silent aim Keep up the good work gents 10/10
  18. Vantab


    wall trick works very well. Streamproof feature is active even if it is turned off. 10/10 best program I have ever seen
  19. Excellent product. Ez to setup. All working well as intended. Highly recommended.
  20. The hacks are easy to pick-up and use, super beginner friendly would 100% recommend
  21. Top cheese, everything works fine and the best thing is, that it is very easy to use.
  22. Have been using it for awhile now, can't say anything bad bout' it, from downloading to launching to tweaking everything is pretty simple and straightforward, can't say how good the esp is or other stuff as I solely use it for aim
  23. This cheat is wayyy too smooth. Used it for almost a week now semi rage no bans what so ever. The esp and glow works super well and same does the aimbot. Its smooth and crisp. If you want to hit alot of ur bullets turn down ur smoothness and there u go. I really recommend this cheat. I give it a 10/10
  24. 24786749


    未被发现且易于使用 .支持 10/10
  25. No need to say much, I tried many cheats, the best one is Kernaim. It has the fastest support team I have ever seen. I have only one request from you: payment policy by country. Thank you Kernaim
  26. Tldr, the best solution for Apex. Variety of settings will fit any gaming style, from super rage to like indistinguishable from a normal player. I personally use it with just glow and soft aimbot, which just feels like a controller aim assist and totally undetectable. One thing I’d like to have is ability to store configurations.
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