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  2. Looking to elevate your gaming experience in XDefiant? Discover our top-tier XDefiant cheats that give you the edge you need to dominate the battlefield. Our cheats are designed for maximum efficiency and security, ensuring you stay ahead without getting detected. Whether it's aimbots, ESP, or wallhacks, we have everything you need to become unstoppable. Don't miss out on enhancing your gameplay — check out our XDefiant cheats today and start winning like never before!

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  4. Good hacks, aim it is smooth and adjustable, esp works like a charm. And does not mess with the frames like some other cheats do with other games. Highly recommend this cheat.
  5. DMUonaFFAR


  6. A good cheat provider, the cheat works well, customer service is also top, and they take good care of the cheat security. for down times or updates they compensate the time back.
  7. The cheat itself is awesome and works as it should, BUT and thats a big but, it does not last long, neither is it a Rage cheat nor a Legit cheat. Ive played both styles and in the end when an update comes, youll still get banned. Even if you only had the cheat injected. Till now Im a bit disappointed in Kernaims quality compared to the past (or other products). Maybe its because its still in the beginning, but they should fix that, otherwise the cheat wont make sense to use. 7/10 for now.
  8. As Always top tier, one of the best if not THEE BEST out there. only issue i had was it crashed during game a couple of times, esp was laggy once. the aim on this is god tier, the perfect legit assist anyone can ask for
  9. prune

    xDefiant Review

    ESP 10/10, offers everything you need. (Skeletons, Box, Name, Heath, etc.) Aimbot 8/10, offers two inputs for the aimbot, has smoothness for the X and Y axis, and has customizable FOV size. Everything you need to dominate, only thing missing is a visibility check. Misc 9/10, miscellaneous features offer a Radar and the option to remove the watermark and cheat's built-in crosshair. Detection 4/10, I would love to rate this higher but the fact the cheat has been detected twice since it's release (only has been out for a week, first one being 6ish days ago, and the most recent one being today) is putting this rating down further than the others, especially considering the game is BattlEye which is known to typically be an easier anticheat to bypass. Still no hate to this provider, just providing an honest review. Overall 7/10, not a bad cheat at all, comes packed with everything you would typically look for in a cheat, I would just like to see the detection factor smooth out a little bit.
  10. After a pretty tough start, the cheese works really well. It's super easy to use, quick to set up and works exactly as it should! Luckily it's not a "rage hack" so you can fly under the radar with it in the long run! 😉 If they can now get the visibility checks to work, the overall package is a clear 10/10!
  11. Been 4d playing, and i love this fcking cheatos bro everything working perfectly owner friendly product getting updated at every xdefiant update fr never sawn a cheat dev like him buy himmmm
  12. i have just purchased kernaim xDefiant. I would say its the most legit, customizable cheat ive used. Not only xDefiant but ive used multiple kernaim cheats on multiple games. For example rust and apex. You can do so much stuff. All I'm saying is that I would recommend this to any of your friends. You cant get banned as its kernal. 10/10 xDefiant Montage -
  13. Was sceptical at first. This is going to be my HONEST review, and not some sweet talking! Better be honest, then lying. This is my personal pro/contra! Pros: -Easy setup -Easy to manage, install etc. -Nice menu, good overview of all the features. -ESP works and is a 8/10. -Aimbot is working also but is a 6.5/10. -Price in discount 100% worth it. Contra: -Esp Really laggy. Tried many things,nothing helps. Needet to disable some features to make it work without Lags. -Not the best aimbot in the world, but it gets the job done. -Price in non discount, really high for a F2P game in my opinion. The discount prices should be the normal prices.
  14. Great cheats with easy setup unlike other providers, aimbot- 9/10 it gets the job done ESP-9/10 little laggy at some points but fixable by a restart of pc overlay-10/10 clean and simple not to crazy
  15. Acted

    xDefiant Review

    Im using this cheat since launch and i cant find any other provider that has a better one. Everything is perfect ESP, Aimbot is smooth af. If u wanna have real fun this is the right place for you.
  16. genial me encanta la precisión del aimbot
  17. Xdefiant 10/10. Works flawlessly. 0 issues.
  18. aubaxx

    xDefiant Review

    Very nice hack and very close release when the game open to play and I don’t get any problems , thanks.
  19. Zoorby

    Xdefiant Review

    The cheat is great esp works perfectly after the new update and it doesn't lag anymore aimbot as well is better but I hope we are going to see a "rage" feature like 0 smooth for player who do not care all around a 9/10 I hope my review helped and have a good day
  20. This is the best provider if you want true and reliable cheats CANNOT go wrong with them. 10/10
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