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  2. Ngl 1 of the best chairs i used before. Installing and using is pretty easy! Very usefull even for lootruns if you dont want to fight just avoid the players with the esp. im Glad that i found this one Great Job Kernaim!
  3. I have been using Kernaim for a week and it has been a pleasant experience. Over All i would give the Software a 8/10 Aimbot is OK for the most part i mainly use it for Scavs and its a little wonky on some sights but a solid 8/10 Loot ESP is great wish there was a way to filter more items out AKA exclude ammo the way you can money and food. but a solid 10 for me otherwise I dont use the exploits that often i do try and play as mostly "legit" as on can given the use but im sure there are no real issues there Would really LOVE if quest locations also worked with your current quests, I dont need to see ALL quests locations if im only doing 1 of them Other then that solid job guys!
  4. I have used the eft software for about a week now and i have loved it, would definitely use it again and recommend it.
  5. oSecret

    EFT review

    Overall this is a very solid product! All the ESP options you should want or need. Well customizable Aimbot! Some nice exploits! All around a fantastic cheat. +rep
  6. First of i wanted to state that im no expert into reviewing programs like these. But from more than 100 tools , cheats , programs for this specific game as CSGO or CS2 Apex etc. This is the one and only that i am willing to recommend for yall. No issues with the loader no game stuttering or freezing crashing. Just simply amazing. Features are more than enoug if your closet cheating and trying to be atleast little bit legit. When it comes to security its on high level as you may know externals are. This is fully external and even streamproof wich is another huge W. Also huge thumbs up to the Staff , Moderators and Dev Team on Telegram or Tickets. Thank you for what you do and what you are. Stay Cool ❤
  7. Yannkiss

    review EFT

    Hello I been using Kernaim for about a week now and I had no problems with the cheat so far, the player esp is really good I use it all the time, also anytime there is a bug with anything the devs and support are very quick to address the issue and if they have a ETA on when the bugs will be fixed they let you know. Overall it’s a 9/10 for me probably the best cheat I used so far I definitely recommend.
  8. Setup - Nice and easy, disable any overlays and get a program that kernaim links that will keep windows defender off, and the performance boosting software is good to go Aimbot - 7/10 Not perfect, but works well I only use the aimbot on scavs, for the most part it works very well, and adjusts the prediction based bullet speed and drop. I do not use the rage features so it can miss due to sway, random movement changes and other Tarkov factors. Visuals - 9/10 Almost perfect Has almost everything you need, player esp, distance, item/corpse/stashes and also lists the approximate price of items. Dev was also thoughtful enough to add active quest items to be differently coloured. Only thing that would bump it to a 10/10 for me is chams. Misc/exploits - 10/10 Perfect and has everything you need Best feature imo is the loot through walls, which increases your looting range to ~5m and lets you loot through 1 wall. I also enjoy the night and thermal vision. Other features are also listed on the escape from tarkov page. All features work extremely well.
  9. JankeN


    Used it for almost a week really good and the support is amazing really fast to get help if any needed! 🙂
  10. Hello, first of all im very thankfully for finding the kernaim. The Dayz Cheat is very komfortable and extremly good. I can recommend it to everyone, its 10/10.
  11. Hello I been using Kernaim for about a week now and I had no problems with the cheat so far, the player glow is really good I use it all the time, also anytime there is a bug with anything the devs and support are very quick to address the issue and if they have a ETA on when the bugs will be fixed they let you know. Overall it’s a 9/10 for me probably the best cheat I used so far I definitely recommend.
  12. The best chair for dayz and 10/10 support It has all the functions that you will need
  13. Chase4143


    I've been using this cheat for a few days and it already beats any other one I've used. I haven't been banned compared to being banned only a day after using other cheese'. Every feature works as advertised and the whole UI is very user-friendly. It's very easy to get rich and level up/task.
  14. I will give a review about my experience with EFT Cheat. ESP: 9/10 Very clean and i love the fact that skeletons ESP showing up after around 100 Meters so its not laggy at all. Features: 10/10 I looooove the MISC features so much and never got banned with it. I never need to buy a key again cause of Loot trough wall. Its really a life saver. Aimbot: 10/10 Clean and multiple settings if you wanna rage or play legit. You can make youre own custom aimbot settings and thats a rare thing in eft to change youre own recoil etc. In all i give it a 9,5/10 Very clean i love the menu aswell and little features like Quest helper is really good and i love it.
  15. This is my 1st time using cheese. Must I have to say I'm pretty impressed. The product it self is good but I can't say enough about the support staff. I had issues when I 1st started and they where quick to reply and advised me what to do. They even did a hwid reset for me. When the game updated. It was less then 2 hours before they pushed out a new update.
  16. CrystalWMV

    EFT Review

    Hello! I would just like to start this off by stating that I have been using the EFT cheat for almost a week now. I wanted to make sure to thoroughly test it before giving a review on it, and not just for the 3 days extra. I am a closet/"legit" cheater, and primarily focused on the ESP features rather than the Aimbot/combat features. However, the aimbot works wonderfully when I decided it was necessary to use. The other combat features were great, too. The NoSpread and Recoil modes were flawless and actually seemed to work *too* well. As for the ESP, it's perfect. I didnt have any issues with it and wholly recommend it just for the ESP itself, its a great value. Coming across keycards and gpus is a breeze. I did have a bit of a hiccup after an update, but after submitting a ticket, support got to me in less than 10 minutes or so. My issue appeared to be on my side, as I hadnt disabled a few things, but afterwards I hadnt had any issues. Support is fast and efficient, wouldnt want it any other way. Overall, if you were like me and skeptical about this cheat, I would recommend it.
  17. Warmth

    EFT Review

    Great cheat. All the options felt good to use. My only gripe with it, is streamer mode should be on by default. If you forget to press F4 for streamer mode and go to share screens in discord, it'll show. One mistake and your discord friends will know of you are trying to conceal. I tested aimbot on scavs, works great and can help you pick up legit aiming. I never use rage settings on players as I'm trying to improve gunplay without aimbot. One thing I learned from using kernaim. A crazy amount of players in this game have walls lol.
  18. Rorry5556

    DayZ review

    easy and highly customizable cheat. item and player esp is great and being able to look into player inventories is great and saves alot of otherwise wasted time. Radar is great. only complaint is that i wish i could tell what my aimbot would lock onto, but it's completely functional and can pretty easily be worked aroud. all around my favorite cheat so far.
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  20. Yigity438

    apex review.

    Aimbot: 9/10 Aimbot is very smooth. Easy to use, and very legit. ESP: 8/10 ESP is kinda lagy. But if you play with glow there is no problem. I'm pretty sure lag issue end of my computer. Because i use lot of programs. Support: 10/10 I used lot of chairs. I can't play games without chairs lol. And i used rl, gta, lol, valo, tarkov cheats. And i dealed so many times chair supports. Kernaim is the best about it. Thanks for the support crew! Loader: 9/10 Loader is very easy to use it. But i would recommend to add save settings. It would be awesome. Because when i open the menu i set my settings. And it takes 2-3 min. So this is the best Apex Chair. Thanks for Kernaim!
  21. Amazing cheat, all features work and the setup process itself is not complicated. As far as customer support goes someone is online at any times and is ready to help 10/10, seriously a very nice and professional group of developers and admins that really take their time to help customers and make sure that you get your cheat working in case something is not working the way it should. Will continue to support this project and the devs itself.
  22. I have to say, KernAim has went above my expectations. Support was a breeze and great! Injection was smooth and without issues (Just make sure your antivirus uninstalled and defender disabled) - they have a pretty easy guide to follow. The cheese was 8/10 : Aim: 8/10: Sometimes working, sometimes not. Don't expect rage settings or 1 taps flicks from this. ESP: 9/10 Awesome, works great and no lags or anything like that. Just that the colours don't change when the enemy is visible. Trigger: 10/10, works as expected, sometimes shoots too fast but there's a delay slider MISC: 10/10, able to save your config and load them whenever you need. Any suggestions - the dev will listen to your feedback and give you a conclusive feedback. Overall - Highly recommend.
  23. Moved, thanks for your review 👍
  24. Tobythedog3941


    been using the eft cheese for a few weeks and is easy to set up for either a "legit" play style or just go balls to the walls and rage hack. Staff is quick to respond on both the website for support and telegram for just quick questions.
  25. What can I say?... Been using it to level up and play more tactical. and Its been a fricken BREEZE. Def worth the 50$ USD and enjoying it while it lasts, no issues on my end and try not to rage lol. ESP is flawless and Item Market price helps on farming. Even when I stop using it, Ill be set all wipe for anything that comes my way because Ive farmed 50 GPU's for the bitocin farm for maximum profit
  26. Cheat is perfect as hell,im playing it for 10 days and 8-9 hrs per day no ban it is perfect legit and safe i'll buy 1 month after my key is expired 🙂
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