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    EFT - Review

    A Quick Review from my Side, I used different Solutions with different Features. Regarding Kernaim, overall a good Solution with some Room for improvement. The problem with the "Room for Improvement" is, that those missing Improvements are important and are crucial for a smooth gameplay does not matter if for Legit or Rage settings. Visibility Check is not an option at all, and that feature is crucial to not get caught that quick. It's hard to spot people in Dark spots like Fortress or in the Resort for instance. You will find yourself shooting through Walls because It's no always clear where the enemy is exactly, mostly when you're in the middle of a big fight. Smooth options seem to not work properly. I try'd to play as legit as possible, but the Aimbot seems to just instantly lock on the Target no matter what. What is it with the Hit-Scan selection? If you leave it on Default, does it just take the closest one to the Cursor or not? It seems to just be locking to the Head no matter what. Aimbot does not work properly at close combat. ESP is good but not smooth, stutters a lot when you turn your camera. We also need a Combat mode where we can turn off not only Loot ESP but also Extractions and Scavs. It's just way better to fight larger groups without useless Loot or Scavs filling up your Screen. Misc: Loot trough Walls works only on loose Items, not Containers. Maybe just for me? Lastly, something regarding the Stream Proof. Why do you have a Streamproof option if people need to turn off Overlays like Shadowplay, so the Game does not crash on you? All in all, Kern is still good. It's cheaper then other Solutions and provides most of the same Features. Aimbot 8/10 (Fix Smooth, Hitscan Selection add Closest?) ESP 5/10 (Missing visibility Check and Combat Mode) Misc: 9/10 (Loot trough walls improvements perhaps) Keep in mind, this is just my pov and thoughts. I have been, as mentioned before, using different kinda Solutions for a period of Time and just felt like if you add those missing things, this would be, in my opinion, the best one so far.
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  4. I usually don't approve of these kinds of topics, but I'm going to allow this one so everyone will be informed. If you want to play or talk with other users, join us on Telegram, once you joined the canal, send a message to @KAutomate_bot to have access to private groups, everything is automatic and you will be removed from the group once your license expire Telegram : When sending a message to @KAutomate_bot on Telegram, use "/access" + your license
  5. Great cheats, needs a visibility check on the ASAP. aimbot - 9.3/10 esp - 10/10 visibility check - 0/10
  6. looking for 2 people to grind ranked that uses kernaim playing legit dont be obvious
  7. I've been cheating for a very long time now in a lot of different games. It's a great passion of mine. Out of all the cheats that I've used, I can proudly say that this product and developing team are the most impressive combination I've ever seen. From security to the value of the cheats itself, it's top tier. I decided to purchase a day key for their XDefiant product on the last day of the closed beta, just to see how it would perform and what Kernaim has to offer. The aimbot and visuals are exceptional and don't cause any impact on performance. The product is also very streamproof, I was unable to capture the product in OBS, even with third-party overlays enabled. I would've loved to record a video on the product because, so far, I'm honestly having a really great time. Well done guys.
  8. Sotomajor


    I tried the loader for one week and I must say it works as advertised. I was really satisfied with it. I have no use for the aimbot not only because I like to aim on my own, but also because I prefer to use the knowledge of the presence of other players to ambush and rob them, and if they comply I let them live. This caused some pretty fun interactions and it does not completely ruin the experience for my opponents. I do not find interesting killing unaware people from hundreds of meters away. But this is my preference and the loader lets me do that. On official I died from other cheaters (some of them do not respect the wiggle ^^) and when I respawn I can count on the loader to get food and weapons quickly. Then the week expired, so I renewed it, but although I followed the instructions It does not seem to work anymore for me. I checked and re checked everything, followed the troubleshooting guide, restarted the pc countless times and after still no success I opened a ticket, but it's been 24 hours and I am still waiting for a reply. It's really frustrating because I can only really play on weekends and I already lost 24 hours of time. I understand it's the weekend and all, but it is supposed to be 24/7 support. Edit : Issue was resolved thanks to support. They added 2 days to my subscription because the lack of support for the weekend even thogh the issue was on my side. That's better than most businesses I know. Thanks to the Kernaim team, great job! Suggested improvements: Add specific items to highlight, for example food only, because it is in the consumable category with melee weapons and other things sometimes it is not clear because, suggestion number 2 : The text on the overlay is too small or maybe I need glasses. Make it optional to make the text bigger and / or find a way to avoid text over text Explain what magic bullet does and how to use effectively. Add different view distances for different items
  9. This is my review of the EFT "enhancement". purchased the 1 week to try out,I was not disappointed.Very easy to setup,instructions were clear and precise,I had no need to use support at that point,however I did later on for a question I wanted answered and recieved a reply very quickly. The features are amazing and work very well.There is only 1 feature I wish it had which would be to specfy exactly waht items/loot you want to be displayed and to display only that.I have tried to use the filters to that effect but if there is an option,I did not see it. Other than that I do highly recommend this,so much so that after my week was up I renewed for a month.It has just ended and I will renew again in a few months when I pick up more $. My Rating- 5/5 Thanks for making this product Kernaim :)
  10. Overall, I've enjoyed it. Very low impact on performance. Occasional game crashes but that could be the game. Clean esp simple enough menu. Besides the small things like boxes only showing at times & not bones. There's not much to complain about here. I've been very happy with the addition of the radar which wasn't a feature when I first used KA at launch of MWII. I did have one question though, is there anything that can be done about my character, mid gun fight looking hard right or left and directly up into the sky? It's happened maybe a total of 10 times in the last 3-4 days. It's happened with single fire guns & fully auto also short as well as long range. It's not toward another character model when it happens either. Shout out the Dev/Devs 💯
  11. Hey there, I've been using this comfy gaming chair for some time now and feel comfortable enough to write about it. Over the course of the last years I've used multiple different chairs for MW19 and now MW22. Since the detection rates seem to rise, you now have to not only play more carefully but also chose more carefully what providers you trust. Kern always gets mentioned with the other big players so I thought I'd also give it a try. Let's start with all the good things First of the pricing was a big pro argument for me to even test this chair. I get that coding isn't as easy as it sounds but I just really don't see myself paying a monthly subscription of 30-35 or more for a software that after all still can get me banned. And getting banned nowadays really sucks with all the hoops you have to jump through to continue playing. So, the price is comparable to other providers, however still on the "cheaper" side if you pay monthly. The chair itself is external, I think you could compare it to some kind of overlay. Therefore it requires you to run the game in either fullscreen borderless or windowed mode. It injects from a flash drive then stays injected/active after removing the drive. It does it's job though, had no issues with crashes and no noticeable decrease in FPS. I usually play in fullscreen exclusive but my game still runs perfectly fine in borderless windowed mode. The menu and the functions are simple to set up and mostly self explanatory. Since this chair is probably aimed at players looking for a legit option you don't get any crazy options. Honestly just the basic stuff, which in my opinion, works well enough. Again, gotta play carefully these days! As long as you keep yourself from raging you can set it up to look pretty natural. I haven't tested the aimbot for anything other than short/mid distances. I feel going for anything isn't viable. However in that range it works really good, even with high smooth aim values. While I think the chair is pretty good overall , I still have some criticism or things I don't necessarily like... Now I don't know if these things are simply security or software limitations but having used other chairs I miss some quality of life features. I, for example, play a lot of different game modes so I have to change my settings around rather often. As far as I understand, one downside or security measure of external chairs is the loss of save settings options or even better being able to setup different profiles and load/save them. While that itself isn't that bad honestly, I just wish I had a little bit more control over the settings or the values. Correct me if I'm wrong but so far the only way to change any setting or value is either by setting it to On/Off or moving a slider to change values. Especially for the 2D radar I wish I could just enter digits manually to quickly switch between settings and also to better customize size and scale. I often spend the first few minutes of a name match dragging the radar around to hopefully align it with the ingame minimap. One thing that I noticed is that there are some settings which I could only describe as "global settings" that are either On or Off, while others can be set up to be more specific. What I mean by that is, for example, under ESP Visuals there is a toggle for "Show AI". However when turned on it not only shows enemy AI but friendly too. Wouldn't be that big of a deal if I could just change the colors for enemy/friendly, or even better set the color alpha/opacity to 0 so they remain hidden and don't confuse me. Right now you can only set the colors for one specific thing (AI, Players, Vehicle). and especially during invasion I have a really hard time telling apart what AI is friendly or not. The only way to get around this is by disabling the show AI option but then you don't get any visual esp for AI at all . So beside looking stupid shooting at your own AI or even team members this also might look a little suspicious. A similar issue occurs when playing game modes with friendly fire turned on like hardcore. I guess this has to do with how the chair determines who is an enemy or not but in hardcore it doesn't show enemies unless you toggle "Show team", which then of course also shows your team members with the same colors again. I also noticed there isn't really much to setup for the 2D radar as it seems to share the settings with the normal visual ESP. This whole friendly/enemy AI problem wouldn't be that bad if I could just disable the ESP visuals (BOX ESP, Name/ whatever) for AI but still have them show up on my radar or vice versa. With other chairs I usually setup my radar to just show enemy players so it doesn't get cluttered but still keep enemy visual AI on. The last thing I'm kinda "meh" about are the ESP loot features. I don't play Warzone so I can't tell how it's working there but for DMZ it sometimes feels a bit lacking or barebone. Again, I don't know if these are just limitations so the chair doesn't get too complex to maintain or maybe the chair was primarily coded for MP/WZ but there are a lot of containers or items that simply don't show up on my screen, even though "containers" ESP settings are toggled on. Same goes for weapons. Maybe I'm spoiled but other chairs even let you include/exclude certain items so you can better customize your settings and don't end up with a bloated screen of 30 different item names and colors. I also wish the names were a bit more descriptive. For example I'd like to see right away if a chest is legendary or normal, armor vest types or backpack sizes, this kind of stuff. However though, these are just my personal nitpicks or nice to haves but definitely not mandatory. TL;DR: With that all being said, would I still recommend this chair? Yes, absolutely. It's being updated quickly, has been around for quite some with a good reputation and pretty much just works right away. No annoying settings or things you have to install or disable in windows to get it to work properly. No crashes or any related issues for me either. On top I haven't read about any major ban/detection waves. Honestly I only ever heard positive things about it. Then at last again, pricing is fair. I'd welcome any feedback from an admin or coder just to understand why the chair is the way it is now in terms of certain options. Anyway thanks for providing a legit and safe option for a reasonable price!
  12. I've been using it for 1 month, so far I haven't had any bans, the cheat is simple, direct and functional. I like that, very complex cheats end up being difficult to use. As feedback, I miss a few things: - Hotkey to close the cheat, in case some ADM requests to share the screen or screenshot. - Hotkey to enable/disable ESP for players/items (preferably, configurable). - Hotkey to run automatically. I really like the cheat, I intend to continue using it.
  13. Kosh85

    EfT 2. Week

    Its my 2.week with that program, love how easy to use it is, no special setups or settings like other cheeses. Got couple probs with payment but the Support was very helpful and we found together a solution 👍
  14. Very nice video 😄 I added some time on your license
  15. Well, my subscription ran out and I found out about the reward system, so I wanted to create a trailer video showcasing the cheat, that could potentially be used to show new customers as well. Hopefully it gets approved. Recorded in: 2560x1440 60FPS
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  17. I use it for 1 month on tarkov and 2 weeks on dayz. Most importantly, I got no bans on both games. Esp is great. I would like to see the list system like on tarkov where you can search for an object to display on the esp. but I'm very happy with it for both games. ESP 10/10 The aim bot is not too legitimate I think it should not be used too much. On dayz I feel like it doesn't work at close range on zombies. aimbot 9/10 The additional features on both games are great. Running endlessly on tarkov is great or loot through walls. I definitely recommend kernaim. The installation is very simple in a few minutes we configure it. I would really like to have premium membership unfortunately I paid for the two games separately.
  18. This Post is Just for the Love for the Team thats behind Kernaim I must honestly say that I have never had a problem with Kernaim and will continue to use it. I can only recommend everyone to try the other Kernaim products. The support is 10/10. The community is a 10/10 and an extra for The Admin Monero he is always available and always tries to help Much love from Germany I hope you guys have a g8 day and keep up the awesome work
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    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  20. kalleausmalle


    No problems and it didnt draw any performance. Easy to use and most important fun to use. Can only recommend it.
  21. Ayush

    Apex review

    Okay so far been using it for 2 to 3 days with no bans got master in arena in 1 day and wasn't even being blatant. Esp 9/10 Proper item-esp and i would give it 10/10. Aimbot 10/10 one of the best aimbot i've ever used if not the best, i've got 0 callout of aim hacking so far.
  22. The only thing I wish it had more is AIRDROP ESP! If they put this function would be even better!
  23. Moy

    EFT Review

    I've been using it for a while. No problems encountered, running well, easy to start. There are still some areas for improvement: 1.Need no sway or silent aim.(In some cases it is difficult to kill other players or bots.) 2.Visibility check. 3.No inertia. A good cheat in general. ESP 9.5/10. AimBot 9/10. By the way, today is my birthday,it is a good birthday present!!!
  24. F12ESH


    Hey guy’s great product i love the chair but i use controller and im just curious will you guy’s ever add controller support? I use antimicro and the aimbot feels none existent. Appreciate you guy’s hard work!
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