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    • Been using the Cheat for the first time and it has ben 15 days. The cheat is very nice designed, easy to use and also detailed (sorting item ESPs etc)  and i dont really have problems with it' happy for using it.  I really liked Kernaim in Gerneral. So all in all this cheat is a 9/10, will but again when sub ends 🙂
    • this has worked amazingly, i have been using it for 1 month and no ban, no detection. all my friends use it.!
    • I´ve been using it for nearly a week now. Works pretty good, im using it for the Esp and item Esp since the overlay wont work on my reselution somehow ... otherwise i may use aimbot too but its not really needed ! it works fine on cummonity servers too. pretty simple to setup and use ingame 😃. Sometimes i get a Bluescreen but i think thats from my Computer. i would recommend this Cheese its working really well in my opinion 😄 always get´s updated in some hours and new things get added also pretty fast if you ask in telegram :D
    • I've been a user for 1 day now and I'm impressed by the quality of this program. I'm a controller player and I only use the walls. I recommend it to all controller gamers.
    • i had a blast had no issues really at all the staff were amazing walking me through all of it to set it up will be very excited to use again. undetected everything they had advertised worked perfect    10/10 will be using again
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