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The Finals - REVIEW


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Hello kernaim friends!
Just writing a review about my experience with The Finals cheats 🙂


Honest Review about the KERNAIM cheats for THE FINALS.

Aimbot: 9/10 - Works really accurate and hasn't let me down. The only downside I see about it currently is when the bone target was removed (I used to like having it just on the neck with a "legit" configurations.

Visuals: 8/10 - Works really well although there is abit of a delay with teams that have been wiped and when respawning or just getting into the game sometimes it takes a while before the "walls" load up.

Security: Been very secure the past few months I've used it. No issues whatsoever.

Launcher and Updates: 10/10 - Loader and updates are on point, whenever there is a patch the loader is unavailable meaning there is less chance of it getting detected or you as the user trying to login and getting insta banned. Another great thing about it is the downtime for the maintenance/upgrade of the hack gets refunded back to you aswell!

Installation procedure: 10/10 - straight forward and very easy to install.

Overall I am very happy and would suggest others to use the product.. Will be using this product for the entire time I intend to play The Finals.


Thanks for reading my review and hope to see you guys in game soon!

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