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Kernaim.to put Apex on EASY MODE l Apex Legit Cheat


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Hi, im making this fast tutorial to how play on the more legit way with kernaim.to, this hack is very legit and powerful at the same time
so here i give you some recommendations! (Apex Legends)


If you are a aimbot killer all the day, but you move the same that a turtle move on a fight, you are obviusly going to look suspicous asf, so you need to be more careful.
Try superglide/tapstrafe macros, or learn it on legit ways, also wall bounces can help a lot to make you look like a legit player, this is not going to make you look suspicous.
if you are on a new account you are going to look like a smurf! (if you are on your main you can look 100% legit)


Use a lower fov, aim on nearest (or boddy) and a smooth of 4-6, you don't have a aimbot, just a overpowerful aim assist!
this can help you a loot with the recoil and the aim and can't be detected for the anticheat or some manual review, maybe you are just playing controller, lmao.


Lmouse is the best way, all the shots are going to look 100% legit, also binding this you can use the aimbot on hipfire, is very helpful in close fights:)


Don't be too obvius, probably abuse of the wallhacks is the big error that a lot of people make when they cheat, don't insta shot to a enemy, instead, pre-shot a little bit.
don't turn your optic instanly, be just like a normal player, use this like a big font of information for you and your team.

Anything more that i can recommend, kernaim is one of your best options, try it with this tips, not detected, no ban, you are going to be safe:)


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