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Apex Legends review


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After using the service for about a week I would like to write a review, so let's get started.

Aimbot - The Aimbot is made very well, everything works as it should. Just to remind you that it is not a cheat made for rage. Aimbot is made for playing legit or semi legit and for these roles it works perfectly.

Wallhack -  Works flawlessly. Nicely done, plus the option to change the colours of individual wallhack functions is extra cool.

Misc - Additional features such as disabling aimbot when someone is watching, extra radar, information showing when someone is watching us. Pretty good misc

Overall - In my opinion the cheat is great. When I bought it I was concerned about the security of my account and playing legit and I hit it perfectly.

Went from platinum to master in less than a week - if you are looking for a safe cheat for playing legit, this cheat is perfect for you. I would also like to mention the support service - they are excellent and do their job professionally, they wrote back very quickly and helped me solve my problem when I made the ticket. Enjoy!

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