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Hey guys,

Here my honest review about Kernaim DayZ:

ESP: 8/10 Is really great and supports even heavily modded server! No crashes, no performance issues! I'd give 10/10 but for that I'd love to see a "Anti Clutter" Feature for Item ESP. Other than that a lot of customization is possible, such as Color, Type of Boxes etc.

Misc: 10/10 Changing Time is GOAT! Love this feature, the Crosshair is also cool. Haven't used Freecam so can't say anything about that.

Aim: 1337/10 Just one word: INSANE! Like really, Silent Aim is brutal combined with randomized Bones I think it can even be somewhat legit. However also the normal Mouse Aim is very good and superb for legit play as its not obvious at all!

Support: 69/10 Had issues when I got the product. Received good and lengthy customer support within minutes after opening my ticket. They made sure to try everything out to fix my issues and showed patience and understanding for my frustration. Always stayed friendly and professional! After a few hours we finally resolved a very stupid issue (that should not even happen - probably Windows bugged out on my end!). Again huge Thank you to the Supporter in my case ❤️ 

Overall: 10/10 - Definitely will resub asap! By far the best DayZ product I used so far with only so little to improve!

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