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Brutally honest CS2 Review


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I've been using this cheat for a week and with some tweaking on my computer, I got it to work very well in my matches of the BETA CS2 release.

This however doesn't mean that I hadn't come back to the cheat some time later to use on my main account, and below are the reasons why.



It hadn't ever given me trust issues or even a ban, even when I was semi-raging, it's still done what it intended to do without getting detected.

I do want to suggest to use the features as subtle as possible if you don't want to raise suspision with your teammates spectating you; but that's just me.



This part is pretty time consuming, and by this I mean making a legit config - due to the fact that there are many features, and if you're like me and use groups on the aimbot, then you'll understand.

Sometimes with the RCS it will jolt, so I would recommend to keep it low and at the same settings for both X & Y, but this is to be expected with an external cheat.

ESP works amazingly, when I use the full visible check, it does take some time to find the players, but again, that's what most externals would have, obviously because it's checking your teammates vision first, but it's doing what it describes itself to do.

Personally, I use ESP normally because it's quicker, and I use the aimbot target feature so that it shows who you're looking at, just need to practice this incase you shoot someone that is behind a wall, I would just play it off as you pre-firing.



I have had some scenarios where the cheat would remove itself from my game. By this I mean when I click insert, it won't come up with the menu, and esp etc wouldn't work. But for me the fix to this was updating my drivers.

I came back from my time off and so the reason it did this was because I simply forgot to update my NVIDIA drivers. Not sure about AMD, would imagine to be the same fix.


TL;DR - Some features are to be worked on over the developer's own pace, but the cheat is a good solution for anyone who wants a quick boost on their matches.

It's stood undetected for the period of time which I use it, and my main account hasn't been banned, VAC nor GAME banned.

9/10 for now.

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