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Apex review - Legit player


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Since I have already used the EFT cheese here and tested it extensively, I would like to get rid of Apex here as well.

I have already used and tested various Apex cheeses and I must honestly say I am most convinced of Kernaim not because the support is really one of the best but because the cheese runs so flawlessly like no other and the team is so committed to the users that I've never seen just that is worth the money.


So now to the cheese:

10/10 ESP  : ESP + Glow function works perfectly and there are no problems with me laggen no hitboxes or Glow edges. Especially since the new update of Kern has me the Loba Glow with the items so what fascinated and I was mega happy to use the feature and use for me!

Visible Check is just gold to me and it works as it should.

10/10 AimbotThe Aimbot has been very smooth and not sticky with my setting and you could really customize it to yourself, the Aimbot at Kern is really merciless when you have an opponent in front of you and for my view also very legitimate which is for me in the highest place because I always play with my main 😜

Crashes: I have had little to no crashes in the time I could count them on one hand and in this sense I can only warmly recommend the cheese to any Apex player out there who wants to play legitimately and safely.


What can I say I mentioned it briefly and succinctly above I am so fascinated by this team here and excited that I rave about it every time....

The support is as fast as lightning, the updates always come very quickly and if you need something you get a competent answer and the security makes Kernaim and they live it!

In this sense, thank you for reading this far and have fun



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