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Counter Strike 2


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Short version:
Its great. Theres room for improvement: such as more sophisticated aimbot including more ways to randomize it: such as random movement; Humanization etc.


Long version:

New-User Friendly?
Very. Guide is simple, loader is even simplier. Put the key and load. Nothing more. If somethings wrong itll inform you.
Feels old-school and i vibe with it. Very Simple; Straightforward; No nuisance with fancy graphics, gifs or transitions. I love it as it is.
Accurate and customizable enough. I'd prefer more ways to make it legit rather than good old deadzone and smoothness. Unless theres some fancy backend thats already protecting us from having aimbot look like an AI pulling in perfect straight line regardless of settings. Who knows ...:)
Clean and Visible. Boxes, Various informations, Colors, Fading Visual-Check. Its straightforward but very customizable. Good as it is.
Radar and SOUND ESP are extremely helpful in making this pure closet chair.
Good old Config sharing as import/export.
Idk. We'll see how it behaves in due days and if it impacts Trust Factor.[As soon as i get some friends to inform me if it dropped significantly out of nowhere.]


So then, Is it worth it? At this point it is very much. But as i said its due time to see how the cheat behaves around VAC and Trust factor while Closet cheating. I'll update accordingly after some testing 🙂

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