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Hi so For some odd reason i cant post under reviews so im leaving here hopefully you guys can  move posts.

Used for 1 week , really solid product will eventually renew once i get paid of my  work ( unwanted bills appeared and i cant really spend the extra euros rn) either way , i "only" used the aimbot features , im not a fan of using visual assistance in any form but once i wrongly went in game with chams for items and people and it did its job i suppose really solid , even tho i was playing fullscreen , now for the aimbot: 


Easily one of the best or even the best in terms of staying legit.. really funny and user friendly to use specially if you already understand the game and know movement , I mean i could easily laser people with auto guns , such has flatline r301 or r99 , for single shot weapons maybe cause im used to triggerbot i didnt really ever understood how its supposed to be stronger i was using Right mouse for fully auto and alt for single shot but still it didnt felt quite right with shotguns for me or wingman that being said , i loved every bit of the cheat and ill gladly get my hands on it again later on. 

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