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We rocking with cs2 cheat fr


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So far this cheats pretty good. i dont bother even using the aimbot, just to stay legit, but when necessary it works wonders.

Visuals are a solid 9/10. Could use some additions, I don't know what's entirely possible to have from CSGO in CS2 but there is always something.

  • Some features in here should be color customizable that are currently not. Some of the "warning" stuff; scoping, etc.

Aimbot probably 8/10. With some serious tweaking it'll work, but without effort its gonna just be decentish external aimbot. 

  • Hell yea, aimbot. psilent ftw

Misc is misc ig, I've been watching the menu update over the past couple days as some stuffs added, moved around, etc. Definitely looking forward to seeing what's added.

I've been frying in the short couple of days with it. Ranked 1003 premiere, no hackusations, 2.4-3kd every match. 

shit is frying, its cheap, and its UD.


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