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EFT Honest Review


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So I have been playing EFT on and off again for around 5 years. I'm a father of 3 work full time and don't have much time for video games as much as I used to. I absolutely love EFT I just don't have the same time as others to sit and play for hours and hours and days on end. With everything being so grind dependent and being put at a major disadvantage against others who have all day and night to play. I just wanted something to help me do my quest fast and make some rubles without getting destroyed by chads constantly every raid. 

With that being said I came across this page and this cheese a few months ago. I must say it is by far one of the cleanest and easiest to set up I have ever used. There are pros and cons to it as there is with anything. But the devs do a very good job at updating it and keeping it running good and fixing bugs. 


-Easy Set Up                                                                    -Clean easy menu telling you exactly what it is and what your activating.

-ESP works beyond expectations and can filter through what you want or by how much it sells for on the market.

-See all players and scavs across the entire map.

-Filter for Quest Items, ammo that isn't on FM, stashes, loot on bodies.

 -Aimbot (I don't use personally so I can't give an opinion honestly).

-Support is there to answer any question if you have any, and any delays you occur in your time if it's a problem that took a bit to fix they will refund the time and add it to your licence

Cons. -

Can be buggy at times and randomly stop working mid raid.

-Even if it's a goon or guard the ESP still says SCAV.

-Fix Scopes option is still kinda laggy and buggy looking through a scope.

-Sometimes it won't show how much something is on the item it will just say the name. 


Aimbot- Don't use so I can't give it a rating! 

Over all there are not many complaints that I have personally with this cheese. It has helped me catch up and be able to do Quest and lvl up traders very fast. By far the best in the business when it comes to support and with the cheese itself. Huge thumbs up to the Devs, Support, and mods!! 

If your thinking about trying it or using it it is definitely worth the purchase. Start out with the week trial and see how you like it then upgrade from there if you want. I buy a month at a time because the price is better than paying for multiple weeks throughout the months. 

Good luck to you all and happy Cheesing on Chads and Timmys. 




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