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CS2 Review


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I've been using this for a few days and i could say that the feature are good and the security is amazing but i have had bugs where tabbing out of the game and back in can cause it to completely uninject. If i could rate this software based on features on a scale of 1-10 this would be my rating.

Aimbot 8/10 After recent update it is highly customizable and provides seemingly legit gameplay

Triggerbot 5/10 Currently the trigger Bot is unreliable even when set to 100% hit chance is fires and misses, with my past experience when trigger bot is set to 100 the software should wait until accuracy is deemed 100% on point and likely to hit. The reason i put it as 5/10 and not 0/10 is because it is a external software meaning when my character is fully still and my accuracy 100% the trigger Bot does hit 7/10 times when set at 100% hit chance. Again that's fully still not moving. If the hit chance could be updated to be more accurate to the designated % that it is set to, that would make it a 8 maybe even 9/10.

Esp 9/10 Works very well on every map, features are great for super legit play and more blatant gaming. I can see players 95% of the time on all the maps ive played which is most of them, the 5% i can not see them is when i look away since there is no "oof" (out of fov) arrows but the radar makes up for that.

Misc 7/10 Saving config is very important, although it is not hard at all to save the cfg string on a file and store it, the convenience aspect for people is lacking. There is no bhop feature which is sad even if it was a legit bhop function that spammed spacebar, it would be nice to have. Radar is a very nice feature as mentioned in the esp category. 

That about sums it up. This is my review on the current version of the kernaim software, please leave your thoughts and comments on what ive said below and if some of the things mentioned could be looked into and worked on that would be fantastic, mainly the uninject when tabbing in and out and triggerbot. Thank you very much for reading and even if you skimmed through it, thank you also. 

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