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CS2 Review


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First off, I've used KA for Apex, EFT, and MW2 in the past and all have been amazing so I decided to give KA a try for CS although this is their first time getting into the CS scene.


Aimbot: 9/10

Honestly pretty great in comparison to other cheats I've tried lately (not going to mention them). It doesn't snap with a normal legit cfg and feels very good and you can very much feel the pull, but all very legit feeling. The RCS is also amazing and works very much as intended. Deadzone stuff is all stuff I'm used to since mw2 and so it's great to see it here as well.

Visuals: 8/10

Honestly not the BEST visuals tab, however great for being an external. Most of the visuals are great, however sometimes the planted bomb esp doesn't work at times and also the entire menu and esp will completely disappear however the aimbot would still be working which would make me need to restart the injection process. Maybe would like to see chams if possible or any other specific visual changes.

Misc: no rating

I'd honestly love to see some more features such as Bhop, skin changer (ofc takes time and will require more security measures).

Overall: 9/10

I love KA and it's been working as intended. Been able to make it to 20k elo on one account so far with green trust. Just lacking a few core features I'd love to see. 

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