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The Finals Review


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Aimbot: 8/10
- Pros: Works well when set up right. It's hard for others to tell you're using it.
- Cons: Needs a visibility check feature.

ESP: 9/10
- Pros: All you need for ESP features is included.
- Cons: It stops working briefly sometimes.

Colors: 10/10
- Literally no reason for anyone to complain about colors, works great  and after you change them it takes effect immediately.

MISC: 7/10
- Pros: Decent for a new tool.
- Cons: Lacks some features but considering again its a new game new cheat I am sure new features will be added.

Overall Experience:
I played for 7 hours and did really well. Nobody seemed to notice I was using cheats. Although new players should learn the game first before cheating. If you don't know the game well, like for example in 'Counter Strike', people will know instantly that you are cheating due to your lack of gamesense (crosshair placement, unawareness and etc.)

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