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Apex Legends Product Review


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Kernaim is phenomenal when it comes to apex cheats, and heres why:

  1. They are RARELY detected. Meaning if you do get banned, it was most likely the users settings.
  2. Perfect for "legit" cheaters. Kernaim isn't meant for rage cheating. They have minimal settings for this reason, its really meant for people who are trying to look "legit" and this is why someone might find the aimbot not as strong as other competitors, but this is by design. That doesn't mean you can't have fun. the aimbot is still very acccurate and responsive. 
  3. I've tried 5 other providers, and I noticed on each one. some of their settings don't even work/function correctly. Not with kernaim. every setting works as it should. 
  4. setup is super easy and dummy proof. You don't have to be a pc whiz to get the cheat up and running. Kernaim was actually the FIRST cheat I have ever tried, And i remember the process being so easy, that I got suspicious. But its really just that fast and easy.
  5. RESPONSIVE STAFF/SUPPORT. Every time I had an issue, they would respond to my tickets in a timely manner. This is HUGE in the cheating community, because alot of other providers arent as attentive.

TLDR: Kernaim is a smooth working cheat for people who want to appear legit and reach high levels.  

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