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Apex Review


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So first time I bought the product for 1 week without any discount, then I bought it again for 1 week in the Halloween discount, and this is my review for it.

I have been only using the blatant config such as the lowest smoothing and max recoil compensation, with turned on ESP.

ESP Box and glow:

Its quite good, but it does have a problem of it disappearing for a few seconds, and it activate again. Quite annoying if you are in the middle of a fight. I do not use the player glow ESP as it sometimes crashes my game and I have to reinject again. Overall, the ESP is very solid. 8/10


With the lowest smoothing of 3, I was consistently able to hit shots with the main AR and SMG, especially havoc and volt. But for snipers and wingman, I wouldn't really use it with aimbot, it kinda misses most of the time and messes up your aim if you are trying to predict where they are going. So the aimbot is not really good at long range, but insane at close range. 7/10


I have been playing for 2 weeks and not ban yet with lowest value of smoothing, and sometimes I see others spectating me. Soo 10/10

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