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Recently purchased Apex Legends and could not be happier with the performance of the product - all features work as expected, clean esp and smooth aimbot - havent been called out yet (used end of S18 and beginning of S19 since day 1) 

Aim: 9/10 - Looks legit and smooth (can be snappy if you set it that way too), shows fov, customizable aimbone, etc - solid aimbot overall!

ESP: 10 / 10 - has everything you would need, very clean, doesnt lag or flicker on my PC

Security - 9/10 - not banned yet! product seems to be kernel / driver based, so outside of going UEFI bootkit or DMA its probably about as safe as it gets! (Doesn't feel necessary for state of EAC AC)

Possible Improvement/suggestion: Maybe a triggerbot / trigger key option? 

Overall an amazing product and one I will certainly continue to use for Apex Legends for seasons to come.


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