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My honest review about Kernaim DayZ


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ITEM ESP: 8/10 works great on official servers, but on modded servers most items show up in the "other" filter, so -2 points because I couldn't customise item filters to my preference

PLAYER ESP : 10/10 for me I don't need anything else, everything I need works clearly and without lowering the FPS of the game

Misc: 9/10 all functions are useful and work without problems -1 point for the speed of the free camera is too fast, it would be useful to adjust the speed

AIMBOT: 10/10 Just one word insane! Silent Aim is brutal combined with randomized bones.The most legal setting without fear of getting banned. Magic bullet works very well, better not to use this option on modded servers with CFTools easily get server banned for it

Support: 10/10 I didn't need any help everything is very easy to run you don't need any knowledge about PC settings or BIOS The only thing you need is a USB stick and to run the launcher 

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