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I've been using this for quite a while, as well as keeping up with the telegram community. As long as you're smart with it and don't rage aimbot players, kill somebody who is not making any noise, or pick up loot that you know is impossible to grab under normal circumstances, you're likelyhood of getting banned is low. I am level 58 with nearly 100 mil roubles.

This chair is not too flashy like others or filled with gimmicks, it's obvious why they choose a route like that, Kernaim staff value longevity and safety from bans for clients (as long as you use it with some restraint from raging players)

I've used mostly every setting on this on my main account and all of it is safe.

The loot filter has every item in the game and you can customize every single item to a color you want.

Aimbot is very simple to use and very accurate, I use this mainly against bots.

ESP is great with the refresh rate and you can use scopes with it as long as you enable Fix Scopes, this is very useful if you are planning PVP without using aimbot.

Staff also help nearly instantly if you ever have to contact them for support if your question or problem isn't on their FAQ page, also they honor time lost by the hour whenever they have to update this software.

As long as you have basic knowledge of this game, your account will last a long time.


Also, If you wanted to rage and don't care about your account getting banned, this chair could easily do that.

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