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The Finals Beta Review :)


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Hello everyone hope you doing well,

just wanted to drop in a quick review about The Finals Beta, since it's about to end soon and it was a lot of fun with Kern.
Kern was on of the first to release "The Finals" while it's still only in beta and it already provided great features and amazing support by the Team.
Bugs got fixed fast and improvements were made, also features suggestions got taken in to count.

Using Kern was already a lot of fun and the game isn't even released, it can and will only get better with more features and fun. If you missed the Beta I definitely recommend waiting for the full release and give Kern a try. 😉

For everyone else still using it or considering giving now a try before the Beta ends, all I can say is enjoy and remember after the Beta ends all Keys will be frozen and you will not lose any time, until the full release of the game.

Stay safe everyone, Sincerely CucaKing 🙂

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