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So after a month and a half, my honest review...


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I'm Sko. I am quite new to the closet cheating scene. I came into this with knowledge I might fuck up my account. Boy I was proven the opposite.
Ever since I started running with Kern I haven't had so much fun on Tarkov ever. Let me run y'all through what I have had in mind so far as far as it goes to using it.

ESP - Clean, simple and very customizable. Gorgeous skeleton with selective distance etcetera. Pure fire. Item ESP is the best feature of them all. Just yoink all that good shit and dip.
Aimbot - Now that's something I struggled with at first few weeks but after tweaking that to my own preferences perfectly, I'm unbeatable and if I need to fight, I come out on top.
Exploits - Max strenght = fire; nightvision/thermal = fire; loot through walls = why the fuck not, fire!

Issues - Yes, there are some. That's why I'm constantly taking notes and bring them up to the testing team to let them know about them. I intend to make content aswell for Kern to use.
Alot of cool clips and shit coming real soon.

I've customised my ESP alot and perfected my aim settings for crazy crackhead cheaters in case I need to use it.
I dont spoof my shit, I don't run anything on the side. 


See you in the lobbies, fellow gangsters.

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