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Cs2 cheat


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Overall [9/10]

Visuals [10/10]
- Has everything you need to closet cheat. Enemies don't go dormant on CS2 so you can have ESP no matter where they are on the map so there's never a lack of information
- The ESP is very good it look very smooth
- The cheat is still extremely optimized, I get around 700 FPS on CS2 without Kernaim and about 680FPS with Kernaim (i9-13900KF, RTX4090, 64GB DDR5 7000MHZ)

Aimbot [8/10]
- The aimbot is extremely good but I've seen that some users are complaining about it and from my personal experience it's literally just their fault
- Truthfully if you're just shitting the bed with Kernaim atm you're either just not good at the game or you don't know wtf you're doing in the menu, either way feel free to ask for help here and I will help you

Misc [N/A]
- The cheat is still in beta and is pretty barebones atm, so no comment can be given for this section.


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