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EFT review


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Hello everyone,

I am extremely new to this and to be honest,I DON'T REGRET IT EVEN FOR A MOMENT! I LOVE IT!

I will start with the customer service: The team is and was always present whenever I needed them. Very friendly people that have responded extremely fast and gave me all the necessary information that I needed. I have felt valued as a customer. This is a 15 out of 10!!! 

UI: Everything looks quite straightforward even for a newbie like me. I am not sure what else should have been added in every section, but what I have is more than enough for me and satisfies me to the maximum. Easy to navigate, all the info present, you just tick the box and go! Rate 12/10

Aimbot: I'll be honest, there are times that I want to get that RAGE option and start wiping the map. I am though trying to be as legit as possible and calm down. The aimbot is really smooth and locks on target in the blink of an eye. The option to ignore friends is a must for people like me that are playing in groups. You can also adjust the sensitivity and where you want the aimbot to lock first (good for early wipe players that don't have good ammo and want to take down Killa by hitting him on his legs). Rate 10/10

Visuals: Wallhack that you can adjust (skeleton/square etc). Items that you would like to see and start your hunting. Colour customization. BIGGEST helpful option is the "quest items". Also I love the fact that I can find all the dumped weapons and backpacks from other players! Rate 9/10 and I will explain why. I find it difficult sometimes to see the items as they cover each other. I know you can adjust the distance but I have tried it and sometimes I get confused. Especially in buildings like the Resort in Shoreline where the item spawn is massive. At the end if the day I am a newbie (like I said) and hopefully I will get better and review it again to give it a better rate.

Misc: I will start with my favourite! Quest locations and extractions! BOOM 💥 💥 You have sorted a big tarkov problem! I have never run on Streets and now, here I am, jumping up and down and doing quests like crazy! If you are brave, there are some "special" options that can get you out of some situations, like if you don't have the key to open a specific door. Rate 12/10

Config: Option to save your preferences and load them up without having to go back and forward. I haven't tried it yet as I always like to experiment. Also the option to unload the cheat. Rate 10/10

Overall: I have been using Kernaim a little bit over 15 days or something. I have jumped from level 7 to level 30 with just 2-3 raids everyday (time is an issue for me, hence why I've got the cheese). By completely erasing every boss and scav on the map and doing quests as a bulk. The only time that I have raged was actually yesterday on Shoreline where a team of 3 with thermals started running towards our spawn. I killed 2 and gave the other kill to my mate by showing him the enemy's location through discord. Then obviously I have completely erased the map from all the goons and scavs and scav players. I am playing on my EOD account as I don't have another one. Up to now I haven't been banned and hopefully there won't be any banwave that gets me in the future. I do trust Kernaim to be honest in delivering the best security possible.

PS: Forgot! Press F4 when you are in a party that you don't want to see that you are hacking(while streaming)! You will be the MVP and they will be scratching their heads...


Good job Kernaim! Looking forward to renew for EFT and get the cheese for some other games! 

Keep up the good work!

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