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Kernaim did it again..... MW3 Review


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What can I say, Kernaim you assholes did it again xD ❤️ 

Before I start the review I would like to write that I am not paid by Kernaim in any way to write this review. 

I'm also not new to Kernaim, I already bought 2 cheats from them (CS2 & Apex Legend) before I bought MW3. 

CS2 wasn't my favorite to be honest, it was buggy at the beginning and needed some work. 

Apex Legend was the beginning where I loved Kernaim. 

Aimbot and ESP/WH was just too perfect for playing with EAC. 

and now i bought MW3, to be honest i thought i would have complications and it won't work as well as i thought it would. 

Well I was completely wrong, it worked better than expected.


Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 KernAim Review

Support 10/10 :

Simply golden Supporters. I did not receive my code by mail so I created a support ticket, it did not take 5 minutes until the supporter @Elevate answered me with my code and link to the loader. Later I had a problem with the cheat, the menu wouldn't go away when I pressed insert, again it didn't take 5 minutes for him to reply with possible solutions. Big love and respect to the supporters for their work.

Injecting 10/10 :

Injecting with KernAim is simply a 10/10, you don't have to change anything wild in your system, you just need a USB stick, load the loader, copy it into the USB, inject and then remove the USB and start the game. It's that simple and easy.

Menu 7/10 :

The menu is simple and easy to organize, but the design is not my cup of tea. It just doesn't look nice for my ratio, of course it's a matter of taste and irrelevant anyway, but since it's an honest review, I'll add it. 

Features 8/10 :

It has all the features you need to gain a big advantage against your opponent and secure an easy victory. The reason why I take 2 points off is because it doesn't have a "Save Config/Load Config" function. 

KernAim for GOD'S LOVE PLEASE add this feature, it is VERY annoying to have to set your config every time you re-inject. 

Aimbot 10/10 :

Very strong, very good, nothing much needs to be said. You have enough settings for how your Aimbot should work, you have many possibilities to set it so legit that nobody notices anything and you still have a strong advantage. I just love it.

Wallhack 10/10 :

It is simple and works without any loss of FPS. Also shows the HP of the opponent which is very nice.

Price 100000/10 :

It is such a good product and soooo cheap. Compared to the others I have seen on the market, KernAim is currently the cheapest and safest MW3 cheat on the market. (my opinion)



Don't waste any time and buy KernAim ❤️ they are just too perfect. Dear full community and staff members, a cheat that doesn't get your account Banned after 1 game, has everything you need and is still very cheap. You don't need to think much, just buy it and have fun cheating. 

Thats all from me,


(P.S @KernaimI will send u my paypal account, I await 1000$ for this review *kappa* 😄)

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