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Mw3 7days licence review


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First time i've cheat with a paid cheese on CoD since my ban on BOCW with a free zombie tool... It was obvious because i used a FREE tool.


That's the point of getting Kernaim services, don't be afraid to buy it, you get instant delivery with easy step to steps easy instructions and a menu very easy to use and understand!

There's no useless features that can get you ban from, you can rage or be soft, the aimbot is built to make realistic movements so dont be bother by killcams and that kind of stuff its also streamproof

The ESP is...  ESP you, can modify it to match with your eyes.

I've just finished my 7 days licence, i both rage and soft and still have not news about a shadowban or something, i'm def gonna again for the next season !


If you're afraid to buy cheese for games and you're kind of new, Kernaim is your door to begin with, i saw the staff was very cool if you need something they will do everything they can to help you !


Don't hesitate its a 10/10

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