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EFT two weeks review


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First bought the 7 day option. Tried it and absolutley loved it. I have never used something like this, but the setup is quite easy and features are super easy to use. Aimbot was a bit strange at first, but a couple of runs and its the best ever. Since I play Tarkov only couple of hours after work, it was practically impossible to win any fights with experienced players - gear fear and constantly dying sucked all the fun out. Since using it, the game became actually fun and addictive to play. Now, even when occasionally playing without aimbot or esp, the game is truly enjoyable.

Now going second week and bought the monthly option. Yes, its a bit on the expendive side, but its absolutley worth the money.

Also, as many features are customizable, a good config can make a world of difference. 

TLDR: Excellent product, highly reccomended.

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