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Complete apex review and breakdown


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out of all of the apex cheats I have ever used this one is uncompairable to every other cheat in terms of undetectability I tested on three different accounts using all different hwids (temp spoofing and using a cleaner after inject) one for complete rage with the smoothing at the lowest possible (3) and fov at max on both normal and dynamic. One for semi legit with 11 smoothing and same FOV as rage then legit with 16 smoothing and same FOV After a week of playing on all of the accounts getting them all masters+ none of them were banned. This just proves that kernaim really does know what there doing and actually hires good devs. Also won a 1200$ tourney with it, we be purchasing 3 months 100%

Features 9/10

For a legit cheat I am very surprised how many feature it has from skin changers to dynamic FOV and multiple aim buttons it is very rich in feature that only reason it’s not a 10/10 is because sometimes for some reason the player skin changer will blue screen my pc (it may just be a winver problem for me) but honestly not a big deal at all barely happens.

Aimbot 15/10

Kernaim apex aimbot is definitely the best out there from my experience no matter the smoothing it’s still and legit looking without odd flicks and tracks very well upclode unlike other cheats.

Visuals 9.5/10

Overall the visuals are great they look great run perfect don’t impact performance and look choppy there is also a wide section that you can choose for esp/visuals that allows you to see loot in a nice loba glow color and same with players. The only problem is that sometimes the glow will just turn off for 2-3 seconds which can be miss leading to where the player is but it doesn’t happen to much so really isn’t a big problem at all. 

Winvers support 

Supports all windows 10/11 winvers thank you so much I run windows 11 22h2 and not very much cheese support it 

Support (10/10)

Usually I am very hesitant with buy products that use forums on websites for support just based on my past experiences but I can say they answer very quickly, professionally and are very patient couldn’t ask for better support 




I also hope to become a media creator as I have lots of experience with after effects and would love to support this company 🙂

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