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Apex review


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Aimbot - 7/10 (I DONT USE)
I couldn't tell you how it feels on MnK. Basing this experience partly off of my friend's experience and from what he said he didn't like it that much (he's mnk), though I know he likes ragier settings than me whereas I like to closet and don't mind having people spectate me when playing. My experience of using a controller alongside it though is that if you're a roller player you're honestly better off running no aimbot and ESP only.

ESP - 9/10
The ESP is good and is what I use alongside Radar. Not much to say other than works as described, I'm very happy with it.

Radar - 9/10 
I use radar alongside ESP and have never been called out or banned. It's perfect for me.

Glow - 8/10  (I DONT USE)
I deduct 2 points because I'm aware glow causes some users to crash (me aswell at times) and because you can't change glow intensity. Other than that I mean it works as described. When it works it works perfectly. If it doesn't you crash. As for "Loba item glow" function it's awesome, though I don't use that either as I closet cheat and the glow functions aren't stream proof. 

Mostly recommend this cheat to closet cheaters and players who already know what they are doing. I've been using it every/every other day for a month so far.

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