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My Review for the DayZ Cheat.


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First I have to say that I am actually only using it on an PVE Server to farm as many zombie kills as I can to get kill reward weapons and some more stuff. You might think who the f plays PVE in DayZ and why. It's just because I am tired of reequipping and dying everytime. And the risk to getting banned with kernaim on PVE Servers is like zero! You need to be carefull that your FOV ring is not to big and that a player is in it so that you dont hit them. I have to say I was using the setting aimbot by mouse the first few sessions and that was pretty legit when you didn't set the fov ring to max and flick while pressing the aim key instantly on the zombie or player. Then I tried out the silent aimbot setting and it was just amazing it instantly hits the zombies through walls because you can bypass the silent aim which is server sided I guess. Also the Item ESP which has the feature to activated "Modded Server" is awesome. It shows you everything which has been modded into the game and you can also filter it. I had some issues with the "Day Time" setting which was not working for some time. I contacted the support from Kernaim and they patched it 3 days after I told them that the feature isn't working properly. So the stuff and devs are working really fast and they doing a great job. The price for the cheat is not beatable. In general the DayZ Cheat is really good. Small menu really good to see everything. Not so many options that you think wtf is this or this. It's just made smart and has everything you need for a good dayz experience. 

Thanks a lot to the Team and Devs.

Greetings Chillboy

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