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DayZ Review / Modded servers / Installation advices for newbs


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Glad I've found this gem. Runs like a charm.

Easy to use GUI without the need to explain every single option. Self explaining.
ESP drawable up to 1500m (more than enough for players)
Nice silent aim, which can be played 99% legit with correct settings.
ESP Loot option for modded servers also works 8/10 - some Items are shown in wrong "item group" - not wortj the hassle

Helped me to find some nicely hidden burrowed stashes ;)!

Installation was kinda easy - just keep in mind to follow ALL instructions as given.
Had some problems with activated GPU acceleration and GeForce UI ingame.
Disabled both - had the fun of my (DayZ)life.

10/10 would buy again (and did ;)! )

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