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EFT Review


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Been using EFT for almost a month as well as Apex Legends one, so I can compare both when doing this review.

Aimbot: 6/10. To me this is the weakest point of the cheat. The legit settings (smoothness) does not work at all and after contacting support I was confirmed that the feature is broken and it will be fixed wih no ETA. When it comes to rage settings, it does work as expected. However, as I was expecting on using this for legit cheating I am rating this with such low score.
The No Recoil can be tweaked both on pitch / yaw, which helps a lot on getting it fully customised for legit cheating. I really appreciate this.

ESP: 9/10. The ESP is quite top notch. It has all the features I would like to see on an ESP, especially in Tarkov where I need to track items individually.
The only thing I have seen bugging from time to time is the color coding for each kind of item. Sometimes it gets bugged and displays the wrong colors.
If I had to suggest an overall imporvement, it would be to be able to display on ESP the kind of ammo that the players are using, so I can try to understand the degree of "danger" when fighting them.

Support / Communication: 10/10. Although my support ticket was not satisfactory since it ended up being that the feature is broken, I was still surprised at the quick response time from the staff. This made me feel listened to and that I could file a report at any time and get an answer in no time. Also displaying publicly the last detection time and being transparent about it to me, is one of the main reasons to choose Kernaim over other providers. It gives me a lot more confidence that I am using a reliable product.

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Hey, thanks for your review 😄

Regarding aimbot, we understand your concern about the smoothness, we're continuously working on enhancing our cheat, and I'm excited to inform you that improvements in this area are planned, these changes will go live upon EFT: Arena's release
You will have the opportunity to have an extremely humanized aimbot, just like on our other games

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