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The Finals - KernAim Cheat Review


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beamermoney's review on KernAim's Cheat for The Finals



Cheat includes all the features you need for The Finals, zero complaints here. Injection is very easy as well which I love.

Aimbot - 9/10

Aimbot works great, I use on nearest with MB1, and Crosshair for Aim Pref and it's great. Keep your crosshair near the head and it's constant headshots.

ESP - 8.5/10

ESP works great, did a little adjusting with the colors, and have it to my liking. Zero stutters or any issues with ESP, simplistic and it works, just how I like. 

Security - 11/10

KernAim's security is fantastic considering it's a public provider.. I have yet to be banned in any game using any of their cheats, and I have used Apex, DayZ, and now The Finals.. Safe to say, I am very satisfied with KernAim's products, and they are my go to provider. 

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