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Rewiew DayZ 2023


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All in all a good Cheat 9/10 everything works fine Aim Bot, ESP, Freecam e.g.

except for a few little things like following:

Issues with Freecam: 
Whenever you enable freecam to take a look at your surroundings your character mimics those movements which makes yourself vulnerable in certain situations. I'm not sure if this is intended or just not something that's fixable but it would make a huge difference if your character was locked in place whenever you toggled freecam.

Issues with Silent aim:
I've noticed that the version of silent aim that travels through parts of the map doesn't really work when you're inside or on top of a building. Not really sure what's causing this but mentioning it might be helpful.

Issues with Inventory ESP:
There's an issue with the Inventory ESP showing your own items in someone elses inventory. This also applies to any containers like barrels or sea chests that are close to the target.

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