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The Finals // Beta


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Hey I also wanted to give my opinion on Finals since I was allowed to use it in the beta and was able to play it extensively.

10/10 ESP : ESP worked flawlessly in the beta without any problems and as you know it from Kern simply flawless without lags or anything else

10/10 Aimbot: The Aimbot was smooth in my setting (Legit player and not overdoing it) and it didn't stick and you could really customize it to your needs!  The core aimbot is really merciless and it's just fun to eliminate the enemies with it.

Crashes: There were no problems during this time


What can I say: I'm so fascinated by this team here that I have to mention it every time. There is no better team than this one that takes care of problems when they occur and updates the cheese. Lightning fast like The Flash so insane :D. Thanks for everything ❤️ Much Love

On that note, thanks for reading this far and have fun!

Best regards


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