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Hello Kernaim, potential cheaters and others.

I first bought this cheat back in December 2022, and I recall a slightly smoother experience than what I've had this past week as I've had random BSOD's (Only when shutting down EFT without unloading the cheat and when trying to import my saved settings, meaning i've had to redo my settings every time I have used the cheat. Never has it happened during gameplay).

First I want to point out that the Aimbot and ESP have improved significantly since last time I used this cheat. I dont use the RAGE mode, and I have limited the use of aimbot to only scavs and unsuspecting players who haven't spotted me, so as to seem "legit".

I haven't really touched the exploits (loot through walls, max stamina, etc.) but I feel like misc. features have improved also. I especially appreciated the quest location and locked doors feature, which have helped me get acquainted with maps I dont play as often and which key is required for a certain door. (Tarkov wiki, I know but sometimes I feel the alt tabbing is messing the game up).

My overall score right now would be an 9/10.

It would be a 10 if I didn't have to redo all the settings that I want to use everytime i load the cheat. 

Regardless of the minor issues that I've faced, i recommend that you try this cheat, and I will definitely buy it again.

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