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Kernaim- The Finals


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I'll try to make this brief although I feel I could write a book given my experience; Kernaim has been superb in every way. Keys will hit your email before the screen is done confirming your payment, the loaders are simple and incredibly easy to use. It's very much 'press play to start' and that's about it after maybe five minutes of setup (I would recommend a little more, some BIOS settings, but I am overly cautious). I will also have a DayZ review up after this one so hit me up for help with configuration on either one (although support is 🔥).

I'll start with their newest product for The Finals. I've heard only good things about it and that's my experience as well. Some people have complained about laggy ESP but my system is oooold so I would encourage those people to post their graphics settings in game or DM me and we can figure out what is going on there, because it shouldn't be. I don't have a single frame drop, it's actually the smoothest cheese I've ever run. I would bet you guys need to drop some unnecessary graphics settings in game and possibly an overlay you don't know about ie Discord, GeForce etc. But it's 10/10 for the ESP for me and a solid 8 or 9/10 for the aimbot just because I myself am probably struggling on the settings for that haha. Its a little snappy as is expected because it's not silent. But that's also why Kern stays undetected! So we give and take lol. But overall it works and I am beaming these poor folks, and with some of the movement in this game, you can become a beast. As others have said, weird time in this game, Season 1, haven't heard of many (any) bans😛. Come join in just stay away from me.




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