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Kernaim- DayZ and their Support


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As I said in my previous post, Kernaim has been superb in every way. Keys will hit your email before the screen is done confirming your payment✔️, the loaders are simple and incredibly easy to use. It's very much 'press play to start' and that's about it after maybe five minutes of setup (I would recommend a little more, some BIOS settings, but I am overly cautious). My previous post was a review for Kernaim- The Finals (above) which I would highly recommend, and please feel free to reach out for help with configuration on either product (although Support is 🔥).

Maaan DayZ, my favorite game, been with me since I was a baby. I have been through half a dozen products for this game and Kernaim is superior like, period. The ESP alone is gonna have you rich and more importantly alive; you can see people 1000km+ and completely avoid them, choose encounters based on squad size if you're a solo, see enemy's equipped weapon and either nope out or get that yamean and start rushing. I've gotten entire kits with nothing but a knife, I've used the same tree as cover as I run backwards out of harm's way for a kilometer. Damn, don't even get me started on the Freecam, it enables admin tools that keep your character in place, but allows your camera to fly anywhere around the map. DM me if you really want to know how to put this to use because I might cause server updates if I give this one out here🤣.

Onto the aimbot though, man that shit is dangerously slick. You gotta be real careful and, if you were wanting to play some semi-legit style, I would definitely not use the 'silent' feature. It can just be a little dangerous on any cheese. The mouse aimbot is very snappy as are most, but especially so because if you've played DayZ, mfs are on crack, rushing side to side with no inertia or stamina sometimes. It can get tricky and I personally have Silent on with the "safest" config, but it's by no means ban-proof, and it would probably be manual. BUT it does work, even regular 'mouse' aimbot, it is 100% giving you advantage against the other shooter, no question. It just may not be like some old COD: MW2 cheese videos you've seen, and if you configure it that way, you will get banned from most popular servers. So be careful, have fun, and as said in my previous post: come on in but stay away from me😁.




ALSO; To not spam the board, I wanted to post a review on the Support staff. Fucking fantastic. Outstanding fr, I have felt absolutely dealt by some of these staff run through Discords that will either not reply to support and/or payment tickets, act completely rude when they do, or just outright rob you tbh. Kernaim responds in a timely manner, is patient, and provides support. That's all you can ask of support! And they're knowledgable! I can't tell you how many times I've been talking to some support staff who have never used the product they are talking about, or even played the game that the product is for. Mind numbing. TGFK (Thank God for Kern) (Thank God for Keys)

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