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My Second Escape from Tarkov Review


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I just used the 7-day license until a few moments ago, and about 10 minutes ago, I added a 1-month license. If you're contemplating a purchase, I'm confident that my review will be helpful.



I've been playing in Rage mode every time I solo play. I manage to eliminate at least three PMCs in each game, and so far, I haven't faced any bans.

If I need to stream on Discord, I simply reduce my recoil by about 30%. No one suspects a thing, and I can consistently come out on top in combat.


Player ESP:

I proudly claim that Kernaim has created the best player ESP available in EFT.


Item ESP:

You can either select specific items you want or efficiently increase your wealth by setting the price range for items in the flea market. I played for about 4 hours a day, and within 5 days, I made 60 million rubles.


Other Features:

You can choose convenient features such as identifying quest locations and mine positions. The ability to locate quest locations was especially efficient for me as a newcomer to EFT.


Customer Support:

This is the biggest reason I love and vouch for Kernaim. They are professional and systematic. They will diligently respond to even the smallest questions within about 30 minutes. However, most solutions to problems you may encounter are already documented on their forum.

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