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Honest Review About Kernaim Cheats - DAYZ


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I'd like to start this review out by saying this is one of the best cheats you can buy, especially for the price! 

Although I stay away from the aim-bot at all times, I can give it a 9/10 from what I see when I watch others use it.

When it comes to the ESP and Radar, I personally give it a 10/10. The Radar is one of the best features this tool can offer, although I'd like to see a few things added like LOS Lines or maybe where the enemy is looking. Other than that ESP is as smooth as ever, custom colors for all the text and skeletons, the fact you can see enemy inventory and what they are currently holding as well.

Once more, I can give another 10/10 for the Free-cam feature. I try not to use it too much but this one was a very big game changer for me. 

Loot ESP I can give an 8/10, very simple and easy to use/navigate. You can cycle thru what you want to see vs. what you don't.

All around I could give this tool a 9.5/10

I will continue to use this tool for a very long time.

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