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Escape from Tarkov Review


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This is my Rating to the Tarkov hack from Kernaim. 

AIMBOT 10/10

The aimbot always hits as long as you stand still. It also calculates the movement of the players, which I think is very good. I constantly activate the aimbot and assign it to a button. This means you can decide whether you need it or not, which I think is very good.


Very good and very clear. Unfortunately I had some moments where the hack crashed where I couldn't see anything and had to restart the hack. But I think it's more likely due to a technical error on my part that I couldn't solve. Fortunately, there are suggested solutions on the Kernaim website that have improved the problem

MISC: 8/10
I think it's good that there are many options in the misc area. I tried turning on the third person but without success. but you actually have a lot to choose from.

Configs: 3/10
I tried saving my settings. Unfortunately without success. I had to keep turning it on again. I think you could come up with something better to save the settings.

Menu: 10/10

The menu is very clear and I had no problems here.

I had tested a few hacks but I have to say by far this was the best hack I've had so far. I played for several hours without a drop in performance. Installing the hack is very easy and easy to follow on the website. What I also think is very good is the display of the quest and the items, which made playing easier for me. I would 100% recommend this software for people interested in buying it.

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