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Apex Review


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Ive tried a few apex cheats, and none of them have come close to the ease of use and quality of this cheat.

Now, its not without downsides (which ill mention later) however its a very very solid and affordable (in a sale) choice if you just want a simple, legit cheat.

I Have regularly the top ranks in apex legit, so its very easy for me to hide this cheat as i already know how to move and aim like a high level player, however your mileage may vary.

I will give a brief review of the most notable aspects

Visuals : 

I had issues with lagginess in the esp and glow, however this was a fault on my end and a support agent helped me fix it.
Occasionally you will have desync on the esp, but this rarely happens (maybe once or twice an hour?) and is not usually a problem.

The visual options are simple, but they have exactly what you need.


Aim : 

I do not know how good it would be for a rage setup, but its very good for legit, i reccomend playing around with the deadzone option if you dont have smooth aim already put it higher, however if you are a good aimer, put it way lower. For me 1-2 has been perfect.



This is the only problem i have with this cheat. I wish there were more "misc" options, such as saving a config, more movement stuff (superglide, autostrafe etc)
overall this is what brings the cheat down the most, however it is not a particulary "Big" problem


Overall rating


VERY solid legit cheat, and nothing else i have tried has beaten it on this regard.

Wish it was a bit cheaper for monthly subs but i understand the devs have to make money. 


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