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This is a honest review that reflects my impression of Kernaim´s Rust Cheat after about 4-5 days useing it.


The menu is clean and simple no extra unneeded fancy stuff in ther, its straight and good.

The Injection is pretty simple and fast. But sometimes it crashes mid inject i dont know why but its not a big of a deal just inject again and it works.

The aimbot is working pretty good but sometimes i have the problem that when the enemy is behind a railling the aimbot hits the railling same as ladders. But still its pretty good and is getting the job perfectly done.

The wallhack is really good and you can config it alot same as for objects or resources. I wish ther would be a esp for player build chest (i didnt find it, correct me please when its already ther) The problem here is what i have already read in a different review is that the Wallhack sometimes freezes for 10 seconds and then unfreezes.

The misc features work without a problem like Spider or Always Day.


The cheat Crashed sometimes for me (not really good mid fight) but overall its a pretty good cheat and its worth the money.


I would give it a good 7.3 out of 10.

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