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EFT Review after 2 Weeks (Pre and Post-Wipe)


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First of all i want to thank the Kernaim Team for supplying us with one of the best EFT cheats out there & for a reasonable price too!


Now we gonna get into detail with the different features of the cheat itself:


Prewipe: 9/10 Worked as intended with minor inconsistencies but overall great Aimbot.

Postwipe: 7/10 Cause BSG decided to turn EFT into COD (recoilwise) alot of the aimbot features broke. But our lord and savior D 🙏  added them all back in record time ( only feature missing rn is no spread)




Prewipe: 10/10 working like a charm! You get a highly customizable ESP! Do I need to say anything else?

Postwipe: 10/10 same as Prewipe



Prewipe: 10/10 Questlocations, Mines, Exploits etc. all working and top notch! You need something? Kernaim has it! 


Postwipe: 8/10 Some features got removed due to various reasons but I think they will be added again shortly.




Solid Cheat for a decent price! Cmon guys dont hesitate just try it out!



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